George Dubya Bush and the USA

George Dubya Bush and the USA

George Dubya Bush and the USA

George W Bush
George W Bush

He likes jelly and peanut-butter sandwiches provided the
crusts have been removed, which is not really remarkable as even Ronald Regan
was very partial to jellybeans, yet remained a very popular president of the
United States of America. Popularly called Dubya owing to his Texas
accent, George W.Bush Jnr was chosen well before the elections, which in
themselves provided a laugh for the people of the world as they watched the
strange events that took place over the counting of the votes.

As we have mentioned in earlier issues of our newspaper, the
American elections have been rigged for years and this can be proven by taking
note of the fact that Websters dictionary listed Ronald Reagan as the next
President of the United States even before the elections had been held.

Our background studies have lead us to understand that there
is a secret government or a secret power group that is setting up a global
village and that the leaders of each country world wide are simply puppets
dancing on the end of strings.

The reason George W. Bush was chosen is clear. He along with
his father and grandfather before him belonged to a very powerful group in Yale
University called the Skull and Bones club. This had its origins in Germany.
Does it not seems strange to you, the reader, that two of the Presidents of the
United States at least have belonged to an alien secret society based at Yale
University. The interesting thing is that Yale University has as its motto, the
same set of Latin words as are found on the reverse side of the American dollar.
Novus Ordo Seclorum. The meaning, a secular, heathenistic, ungodly, new world
government, new world religion, new world money system and new world law system.

The aim of the secret planners is to set up a One World
Government and the year 2001 will see many of their plans come to fruition.

Having George W. Bush as their President will give the secret
planners every opportunity to do what they want, as it is clear that this
particular man is not known for working himself to death.

We quote from an interesting article from the New Zealand
Herald, 15 December 2000.

"Not since the 1800s has the US had a father-son
presidential dynasty.

Last June, the Bush clan and 200 or so of their closest
friends gathered near Walkers Pt, the seaside family compound in Kennebunkport,
Maine, that George Bush Sen. describes as his "supreme joy."

The occasion was Barbara Bush's 75th birthday.
Most of the family joined in the usual high-spirited skits and songs, but George
W. Bush, eldest son of the former President and normally the showoff of the
family, did not take part. For much of the weekend, the nominee for President
seemed to be busy working the phones. Politics?

No, he later confessed, he was phoning the caretaker at his
new ranch in drought-stricken Texas to check the water level at his favourite
fishing hole.

The subtext was not subtle: George W. is a Texan, not a
northeasterner. More to the point, he is his own man, not just his father's
son. He reveres his father, but takes pains to play down the "son of" label.

Yet he is faithfully, even doggedly, followed in his
father's footsteps -– to Andover school and Yale (and its secretive and
elitist Skull and Bones society.), fighter pilot, Texas oilman and now President...

"Dubya's" twang seems more genuine than his father's
love of country music and pork rinds. There are crucial differences between
George the father and George the son. Their roots were planted not just in
different regions but in different eras...

George W, by his own description, is "anti-elitist." He
discovered his political skills by making fun of the Establishment, not by
defending it....

He likes to praise the risktaking gumption of the oil "wildcatters,"
he got most of his seed money from his father's friends and old Skull and
Bones mates

The 70s and early 80s are seen as his wilderness years,
drifting about in a sort of restless, perpetual adolescence, shuffling around
town in Chinese slippers and friends' castoff clothes...

For all his late-night carrying on, he was clearly looking
for some order and stability. He found it in his wife, Laura, a quiet, pretty
librarian with a calm, sure manner.

Laura soon had him attending church suppers, and
reportedly helping end his drinking by giving him a choice: "Jim Beam or me."
It may also be revealing that the man described as his "closest friend"
today is a teatotalling, Bible-studying pillar of the community, Don Evans...

While most family sagas peter out after a couple of
generations the Bushes seem to carry on, each in his own way, joined by a
certain goofy charm, a call to serve and a keen desire to win." End Quote.

It is clear that George W. in his relaxed manner will let
others do most of the work while he attends to his own lifestyle. Therefore he
becomes a very powerful tool in name only as the leader of the United States.

Problems that will need to be addressed during his reign will
be the World Economic downturn, possibly leading to a monetary collapse. The
introduction of the mark of the beast, as predicted in the Word of God in 96AD,
the Middle East problem of bringing about some sort of a peace between the Jews
and the Arabs and the selling out of the United States, little by little
following the New Zealand plan of restructuring, privatising and selling out
assets to overseas groups.

These problems are too difficult for one man to deal with and
yet these are all on George W. Bush's plate.

We give thanks to God that unlike his rival, Al Gore, he has
a testimony that he has received the Lord Jesus Christ as his saviour and for
this fact alone we give God thanks. However, he has the added problem of mixture
as he is linked to a Luciferian group which goes beyond the highest degrees of
Freemasonry, called the Skull and Bones. These people are dedicated to a One
World Government at any cost, and there George will be used no doubt as a
catalyst to bring this to pass.

1 Timothy 2:1-4, "I exhort therefore, that, first of all,
supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all
men. For kings, and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet
and peaceful life in all Godliness and honesty
. For this is good and
acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour, who will have all men to be saved
and to come unto the knowledge of the truth."

In the midst of all these strange happenings in our world
today, it is our task at this newspaper and the task of every believer in our
Lord Jesus Christ, to help as many into God's kingdom as possible using this
information as an interest point to draw men into God's direction.

The prophecies are being fulfilled, of that there is no
doubt. Prophecy fulfilled is the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the year 1999, in the month of April, our front page
article was entitled The Next US President? We quote in part herewith.

"Now, it is important to understand that when you are
dealing with American politics, you are dealing with a crooked system where
presidents are chosen by the Illuminati secret world government people before
the elections are even held. Thus, they already know who the new president will
be and it is our guess that George W. Bush is the most likely for the following
reasons. He is a member of the Skull and Bones club, sometimes called The Order,
or 322. His grandfather and his father before him, both belonged to this group
and they are the people who are running the world government affairs from the
United States of America."