Laugh and live

Laugh and live

Laugh and live

In the book of Nehemiah 8:10, the latter part of the verse
tells us: "The joy of the Lord is your strength." The question may now be
asked, "Wherein lies that joy?" The answer is found in Psalm 32:1, "Blessed
(happy) is he who's transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered."

The Lord makes it very clear in His Word that there are those
who's sins are forgiven and those who's sins are not at this point forgiven.
That knowledge within a man or a woman brings about a joy that no one can
possibly describe.

We read in the Christchurch Press, 6 January 2001, Laughter
'works better'.

The office prankster who constantly jokes and laughs may
well be doing their job better than more serious co-workers.

Laughter not only makes people feel better, it helps light up
the region in the brain for clear thinking and good judgement, Australian
biochemist Jane Yip said yesterday.

"When we laugh, we think better," Ms Yip said.

"There is a nerve network which goes from our emotional
centre to our... thought centre in the brain," she said.

As well as working better, the office clown probably has a
higher immune system, lower stress levels, and will not have to rush to the gym
after work, she said.

"Five minutes of good belly laughing is equal to 20 minutes
of jogging

"It releases endorphins, carries immune cells thought the
body, and raises the metabolic rate," she said.

Unfortunately for most people, bringing humour back into life
will take some work.

People have to want to laugh and make a concerted effort to
see the funny side of life, she said.

"In order to laugh, we have to think. People have to want
to see things as funny... to turn around bad situations and see the humour in
them." End Quote.

Along with this admonition to laugh, we must take into
account that we do not laugh all the time as that would be foolishness. Solomon
with the wisdom given to him by God, in Ecclesiastes 3:4 points out:

"There is a time weep, and a time to laugh, a time to
mourn, and a time to dance." Therefore in all our getting, let us get wisdom
from God.

In conclusion we would say that in our own family whenever
there is an explosive situation comes upon us, we try and bring a lightness into
it that takes away an opportunity for the devil to make us all angry and fight
one another.