World economy teetering

World economy teetering

World Economy Teetering

Readers of this newspaper will by now be familiar with the
fact that a secret power group, world wide, is setting up a global village, or a
One World Government system. The analogy of a building of a house is that which
is used to describe this New World Order.

1776 the foundation was laid in Bavaria, a state of Germany
by a man called Adam Weishaupt, who inaugurated the Illuminati. Their seals may
be seen on the back of every American dollar dated from 1933 onwards.

1987 the framework for the New World Order house was
established in New Zealand with the restructuring of the whole country and
through privatisation the selling out of Government assets and thus power.

1999, on December 31 the Y2K bug was the problem created by
man, that through fear all the nations of the earth would upgrade their
computers and synchronise them in order that the world may enter an electronic
global village. The man in charge of the 25 groups, John Koskiken was quoted in
USA Today as saying, "I can now run the world with four people".

All that remains now is for the roof of the house, and that
is the world wide economic collapse which should take place fairly shortly.

We have said for many years that once the Japanese economy
begins to shake, the American dollar, the German Deutchmark and every other
currency in the world will also shake and finally collapse.

It is time for us now to look at the world scene and we see
in the New Zealand Herald, 22 December 2000, East Asian economies teetering
on brink.

"Economists expect growth rates in most of the region's
countries to halve next year as exports, which pulled them out of the Asian
crisis of 1997 and 1998, fall with the slowdown in the United States...

Corporate restructuring and political worries will hurt
domestic business and consumer confidence, the economists say...

East Asia can ill-afford the slowdown. Without rapid growth,
companies will find it hard to repay their loans..

In Indonesia, companies are struggling to repay about $80
billion in foreign debt...

Asia squandered the opportunity that the US economic boom
provided to put its house in order, making it more vulnerable...

The rebound in 1999 made Governments complacent about
reducing bad debts and selling state assets...

Stock indexes in Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and the
Philippines lost more than half their value this year, putting them among the
world's worst performers...

Investors... money will go to Korea, Taiwan, Singapore
and Hong Kong.

They don't want to touch the Philippines, Indonesia and

Asia, which made a surprisingly rapid recovery in 1999 after
the crash triggered by the Thai Baht's 1997 devaluation, is now teetering..."
End Quote.

Then in the New Zealand Herald, 6 December 2000 we read, End
of an era with economy in a spin.

"Whoever wins the presidency is in for a rough ride as the
US economy dips....

"However one looks at it, the economic data recently has
been quite negative and the possibility of a serious hard landing is rising,"
said Allen Sinai, chief economist at Decision Economics in New York...

David Levy, a New York economist, was more pessimistic, putting
the odds of a fully fledged recession next year at 70 per cent.

"When you put all the problems facing the economy
together, it is not a pretty picture," Mr Levy said...

But the economic ship of state has sprung a few leaks while
the nation has been transfixed for almost am month in the ballot battle in

A series of Government reports has shown unexpected weakness
in areas ranging from consumer spending to US factory orders. The weaker
economic data have added to pessimism on Wall St, which has been on a
stomach-churning ride for most of the fall. The technology-heavy Nasdaq index
has lost almost half its value since reaching record highs in march...

Mr Clinton had the good fortune of taking office as the
country was pulling out of the 1990-91 recession...

"The economy was a good friend to the Clinton
Administration and it is just not going to be as friendly to the next
Administration," said Mark Zandi, chief economist at forecasting firm

Rising corporate and personal debt levels, for example, could
threaten the country's banking system, or a sudden flare-up in the Middle
East..." End Quote.

And so in the light of these predictions we see that
George W. Bush is in for a very difficult time.

No matter who takes power in whatever country in these days
should be pitied as they start with a flare and finish with a fizzle. A good
example of that is Tony Blair who promised everybody everything and now is
looking very unpopular as some people are beginning to throw tomatoes at him.

Never forget in these days no politician has the right to
make any decisions of his own that affects the county's future, as these are
all decided by those who provide the economy to keep the ships afloat.

Having sold out most government assets, the governments are
left at the mercy of those who bought the assets.

Please remember that the organisers of this One World
Government or New World Order, follow the philosophies of a German philosopher
called Hegel. What you are about to read now sounds arrogant and out of this
world and yet it is a true statement about the feelings of those who treat us
with disdain.

Taken from a book entitled The Order, by Anthony
Sutton, on page 119 we read;

What then is the function of a Parliament or a Congress for
Hegalians? These institutions are merely to allow individuals to feel
that their opinions have some value and to allow a government to take advantage
of whatever wisdom the "peasant" may accidentally demonstrate. As Hegel puts

"By virtue of this participation, subjective liberty and
conceit, with their general opinion, (individuals) can show themselves palpably
efficacious and enjoy the satisfaction of feeling themselves to count for
something."..." End quote.

Further, I have on my desk a copy of a tape which was
recorded at the Wilderness Conference in Denver, Colorado some years ago.

One of the speakers makes his opinion quite clear when he
says, "We must keep this information from the cannon fodder that unfortunately
populates the earth."

That cannon fodder, dear reader, refers to people like
yourself and myself. How does that make you feel?