Anti-globalisation - The New Zealand experience

Readers of our material will be aware that in the year 1987 a
diabolical plan was foisted upon New Zealanders by five members of the then
Labour Party of New Zealand.

This was the introduction of the free market economy, which
dealt with the restructuring of society, and the selling out of Government
assets which ultimately destroyed the sovereignty of New Zealand.

Since 1978 we have written seven books on the subject,
outlining in great detail the plan which is Luciferian in nature and connected
with the eye in the triangle on the reverse side of every American one dollar

The Word of God calls this the mystery of iniquity, and is
spoken of in II Thessalonians 2:7.

"For the mystery of iniquity doth already work only he who
now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way."

At a recent conference held in Auckland, the question was
asked by a lawyer who was present, has anybody ever checked on the social cost
of the restructuring of New Zealand and written an article thereon? The answer
had to be "no", as it is a very difficult subject to investigate, owing to
the many ramifications of this diabolical programme. However, in the Dominion
newspaper, 7 February 2001, we read the headline, NZ: First world ideals,
other world reality.

"New Zealanders now earn less, on average, than the
Spanish and little more than half the average Irish pay packet...

Manufacturers Federation chief executive Simon Carlaw says...
"Do we really want to become some sort of global retirement village providing
an organic theme park for the rest of the world?"...

Mr Carlaw, whose organisation represents about 2000
manufacturers across New Zealand, will soon become chief executive of Business
New Zealand... He stressed that his comments were as chief of the manufacturing

By comparison, (to other countries), the average US income
stood at US$33,900, Ireland's was US$24,200 and Australia's US$20,700. For
the first time, Spain at US$15,000 surpassed New Zealand.

New Zealanders aspired to first world incomes, health and
social services, but their incomes had fallen to second world levels, Mr Carlaw

Government talk of 2001 being a year of consolidation was
misplaced when such an enormous economic and social challenge faced all New

Periodic bursts of milkfat, meat, logs and even tourism
profitability will never reduce that deficit. So we must get serious about
accelerating economic growth by transforming this dependence on commodities."...

To turn the situation around, New Zealand -– a country the
size of a medium northern hemisphere city -– needed to be more competitive than
bigger countries, especially Australia, to attract the needed investment and
economic results...." End Quote.

It is clear that Mr Carlaw was very guarded in his speech and
did not use any uncouth language to describe how he really felt.

Then in the Nelson Mail, 14 February 2001, Workers worse
off says English

"National finance spokesman Bill English says the latest
wage data shows the average worker was $400 a year worse than at the beginning
of 2000...

"That means the Labour Government, in its first full year
in power, has reduced the average worker's real earnings by just over $400 for
the year."...

"That leaves the average worker nearly a month's worth of
grocery shopping worse off."..." End Quote.

Although we have written on these subjects since the year
1978, very few in the world have ever read our books or books like ours and
therefore do not see these events in the world from a biblical point of view.

It is with fascination that we continue to read articles from
the world's media about protests which are now taking place by people who have
just discovered something is wrong.

The New Zealand Herald, 29 January 2001, Sober times for
forum elite.
The article is headed up, Davos.

On page 76 of our book, I Spy With My Little Eye, we
have some information on this particular place situated in a little Swiss
valley. The article will be of great interest to readers who are watching world
wide demonstrations take place at this particular time in history.

"The contrast with last year's meeting could hardly be

The mood then among business leaders as they assembled for
the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, was still one of
high excitement....

This time a more sober, subdued atmosphere pervades the
streets and hotels of this famous Swiss mountain resort...

The turnout is smaller too, in part because the organisers
have decided to limit numbers, and in part because of the change of
administration in the US...

Whether it is due to the US State Department's bizarre
announcement urging American citizens "to exercise caution and consider
deferring travel to Davos," or to the economic slowdown, fewer American
business leaders have made the trip than in recent years.

With anti-globalisation protesters vowing to disrupt
the meeting, as they have other recent world gatherings, security has never been

Some full time residents of the town complain that the forum
meeting -– once a boon to the local economy and the town's international
standing -– is becoming a liability.

"The skiers aren't here because they don't like all the
security and are afraid of riots," said a local shopkeeper. "It's a ghost
town except for the army and (forum) delegates."..." End Quote.

The Christchurch Press, 10 February 2001 had an article
which was headlined, Active engagement.

"Anti-globalisation activists have shown the incredible
impact that citizens' action groups can have on large, powerful organisations..."
The article then goes on to explain how people can deal with such protests from
a positive point of view.

The mail which arrived today, part way through the month of
February, included a PQ Broadsheet, from the Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of
Christ and Quaker groups, on social issues.

Inside I was amazed to read the ignorance of these people to
what was really taking place and the fact that they have strange ideas about
remedying the problem which is Luciferian or Satanic in nature. If only they
would read my books, and illuminate themselves.

"For the past 15 years successive New Zealand governments
have led the charge for the New Right. There is a growing sense we are on the
wrong path. Now we are into a new millennium, can New Zealand lead the world by
implementing alternative courses?" (author's note -– NO!)

"This conference aims to stimulate and inspire and offer
some of the tools for us to become more effective in the movement to reclaim the
economy for communities world-wide." End Quote. (author's note -–

What these people do not understand is that they are up
against a demonic, Luciferian plan organised by certain individuals who's aim
is to put Lucifer or Satan on the throne of the world.

Trying to remedy the situation using humanistic ideals will
never work, as a spiritual problem needs a spiritual answer. That
spiritual answer is found in a personal relationship with God through our Lord
Jesus Christ and is called in John 3:3 being 'born-again'.

"Jesus answered and said unto them, verily, verily, I say
unto thee except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God."

Without this experience all our do-gooder philosophies will
never work as we are up against a power much stronger than any human being
living on earth today.

Only God Himself can solve this situation, and He will by
returning again and taking over the affairs of this world.

There is no doubt prophetically speaking, we are living in
the last days just prior to the return of our Lord.

Therefore the key word is, "watch".