George Dubya’s Plans

George Dubya's Plans

George Dubya's Plans

During a recent series of public lectures we made it clear
the George W. Bush has three tasks ahead of him as planned by the World
Government advocates who control his policies.

1. Preside over the crash of the world monetary system. 2.
Settle the Middle East problem, as all Israeli politics are controlled from the
State Department in America. 3. Oversee the selling out of the sovereignty of
the United States by introducing a market economy and following the New Zealand

In order that these changes may be made, the staff that he
has chosen must all be aware of his overall strategy.

We quote from the Dominion Newspaper, 24 January 2001, The
woman that Bush must have.

"One of the most important defence and foreign policy
strategists in George W Bush's new administration is 46-year-old black woman
who is a poor Alabama cotton farmer's granddaughter

Mr Bush has named Condoleezza Rice, born and raised in
Alabama, as his national security adviser, a position once filled by such
notables as Henry Kissinger, McGeorge Bundy and Zbigniew Brzezinski...

At the Republican convention last year she said that the
United States armed forces "are not the world's 911", though she did not
completely rule out any humanitarian intervention during the next presidential

Ms Rice is set to become a household name. She is perhaps
the most magnetic and interesting White House officials since Mr Kissinger

Like Mr Kissinger, another political science professor
turned NSC adviser, Ms Rice has called for the return of realism in American
foreign policy. By this she means a more careful calibration of US policy with
other "great powers", especially Russia, China and the Nato allies..." End

It will no doubt interest the reader to discover that one
of the most influential advisors of the Bush administration is once again, Dr
Henry Kissinger, about whom we have written in most of our books on Biblical

The Dominion Newspaper, 25 January 2001, Millionaires fill
Bush cabinet.

"Most of Mr Bush's nominees are wealthy, all with a
net worth in at least six figures. Many hold stock in companies affected by
government actions.

Commerce Secretary Donald Evans held stock options in Tom
Brown Inc, the oil and gas exploration company he headed, valued at between US$5
million (NZ$11.25 million) and US$25 million. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill,
former chief executive of Alcoa Inc, holds between US$5 million and US$25
million of Alcoa stock options...

Attorney general-designate John Ashcroft owns more than US$1
million in real estate, and Secretary of State Colin Powell reported at least
US$24.5 million in assets...

Mr Lewis said that of the 100 million Americans who did not
vote, most were lower middle class or poor who thought the government did not
represent them. "News like this doesn't exactly encourage them." End

Now regarding the opening up of the United States of
America to a free trade agreement with other countries in the world is hinted at
in the following article taken from the Dominion, 7 February 2001, US
Congress begins long debate about global trading.

"Members of the United States Congress are still along
way from reaching an agreement on difficult labour and environmental issues that
stand in the way of new trade negotiating authority for President George W Bush,
according to a leading Democrat...

A sharp disagreement between Democrats and Republicans over
whether trade agreements should contain protections for workers and the
environment has thwarted efforts to approve new the presidential
trade-negotiating authority since April 1994.

The Bush administration wants a new "trade-promotion
authority" to conclude negotiations on a Western hemisphere free-trade zone
and a global round of trade talks
..." End Quote.

In the New Zealand Herald, 10 January 2001, reads:

"In 1999, when the World Trade Organisation held a
conference in Seattle, widespread rioting took place on the city's streets.

Mr Bush will face the Democratic concerns over labour and the
environment while simultaneously trying to convince some Republicans that
free trade does not lead to huge US job losses
..." End Quote.

In the Dominion, 20 January 2001, we read:

"Police, who say they expect about 5000 anti-Bush
demonstrators tomorrow, plan to deploy nearly 3600 officers, backed up by 2500
Secret Service agents, plus reinforcements.

Umbrella protest organisation International Action Centre
said it would demonstrate against "the incoming Bush administration and its
racist, sexist, anti-gay, militaristic, anti-labour and pro-big business

"Bush claims to be a compassionate conservative but his
real compassion is reserved for the giant pharmaceutical, oil, banking and other
corporations," the group said." End Quote.

A tongue in cheek article entitle entitled, George W.
, taken from the New Zealand Herald, 20 January 2001, reads in part:

"Mr Bush had not been a complete disaster in certain areas,
such as high-level appointments. Many of the Bush appointees are experienced
Washington hands who held high-level jobs under George Bush III sen, Ronald
Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Warren G. Harding.

Unfortunately, when these appointees were subjected to FBI
background checks, it turned out that a number of them had, at some point in the
past few decades, passed away...

But certain top federal jobs are important. For example, the
Secretary of State is responsible for taking a large entourage over to the
Middle East every two weeks to broker a new historic peace accord...." End

Of course when Clinton was in power, the World Government
advocates saw to it that the economy was strong, however, now that George W. has
come in, the World Governments are preparing to crash the economy and thus make
him look foolish.

The Business Herald, 9 January 2001, we read American
farmers plead for $18b aid.

"Farmers are eager to known how much bailout money may
be coming from Congress this year..." End Quote.

Then from the Business Herald, 16 January 2001, we read Slowdown
in US causes jitters at Kobe forum.

"Finance Ministers from 25 Asian and European nations warn
that the outlook for the world economy has suddenly darkened because of a
slowdown in the United States...

Finance Minister Kiichi Miyazawa said: "I said this year
will be the year of Europe. The US economy is not good and Japan's recovery is
slow. So I said to them, please lead us."...

Japan's Mr Miyazawa said ministers were concerned about the
volatility of US stock markets

They were all watching to see whether the US Federal Reserve
would follow up its recent half-point cut with another reduction at its next
meeting....´ End Quote

The Christchurch Press, 27 March 2000, History warns
of US economic slump, market crash next year. (2001)

In the midst of all this bad news and difficult
situations put before the new president we are excited to read some positive
information regarding his personal life.

Dominion Newspaper, 2 February 2001, Bush promises high
profile for religion.

"United States President George W Bush, who gave up the
bottle and found God 14 years ago, is making clear during his early days in the
White House that religion will have a high profile.

Since Mr Bush was inaugurated less than two weeks ago, he has
declared January 21 a national day of prayer, made a high profile pilgrimage to
a black church and has spent this week promoting his proposals to allow faith
based organisations to seek federal dollars...

In his campaign autobiography, A Charge to Keep, Mr
Bush credited evangelist and family friend Billy Graham for having "planted a
mustard seed in my soul" that set him on the path to Jesus during a summer
weekend in Maine...

Asked to name the philosopher who had affected him most, Mr
Bush said: "Christ, because he changed my heart."

Aids say that Mr Bush is a daily Bible reader now, sometimes
reading the book itself, sometimes reading booklets that divide the Bible into
daily readings and allow one to read the entire book during the course of a

Those who know him say they have no doubt Mr Bush's faith
is real..."End Quote.

A further media article adds to the statement by saying:
"Aides say that Bush was not trying to impose religion on anyone but felt that
faith had the power to change lives because he believed that it had changed his
own life.

"The President recognises the power of faith but it has to
be found by every individual for themselves. The government can never impose it
on anyone..." End Quote.

The only downside to all this is that George Bush, along
with his grandfather and his father who was the President in the year 1990,
belong to a secret society which came out of Yale University, called the Skull
and Bones. This is a Lucifarian group that is determined to sell out the
sovereignty of every country on earth and set up a global village.

Owing to his membership of this society, he will have to
follow his advisors advice and sell out the sovereignty of his country and thus
become one of the most hated men in the history of the United States.

Never forget that Tony Blair started out well and finished up
recently by being hit by a tomato.