Terrorist Threat to US Farms

Terrorist Threat to US Farms

Terrorist Threat to US Farms

Many years ago we realised that Saddam Hussein had a massive
arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.

An article taken from the New Zealand Herald, 23 January
2001, Terrorists ready to unleash rural gene horror: US.

United States defence experts warn that international
terrorists may launch biological attacks on the West's farm industries to try
and cripple national economies...

Islamic extremist Osama Bin Laden, who advocates the use of
biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, was implicated in a plot uncovered in
Auckland to bomb the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in Sydney during the

Crude forms of biological campaigns have been used in African
conflicts by releasing diseased cattle into the herds of enemy countries, and in
the early 1980s Australian police thwarted an extortionist who threatened to
release foot and mouth disease in the nation's farms.

The former Soviet Union is now known to have planned to
attack US crops and livestock with specially developed biological agents -– and
the scientists who worked on Soviet biological and chemical warfare programmes
are now being recruited by rogue states...

Livestock and plant pathogens listed by the US Defence
Department as potential weapons of terrorism included -– in addition to foot
and mouth and soybean rust -– anthrax, rinderpest, classical and African swine
fever, sheep and goat pox, Newcastle disease, karnal bunt in wheat, ergot in
sorghum and Wirrega blotch in barley.

The US Defence Department said there was a real danger of
terrorists using naturally occurring livestock and plant pathogens which could
be smuggled across borders with little risk of detection." End Quote.

As the Middle East situation hots up and George Bush
cooperates with the leader in Israel, Ariel Sharon, it is clear that these two
men will be kept fully informed by members of their secret service groups and
will be aware not only of military attacks but also chemical and biological

We have pointed out a number of times an interesting
Scripture, from the book of Revelation 18:8, which we believer refers to the
United States of America in particular and possibly also to Israel in these
latter days.

"Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and
mourning, and famine, and she shall be utterly burned with fire, for strong is
the Lord God who judgeth her."

In the year 1666, a tremendous plague went through the city
of London, England and then after that came the great fire of London.

The only way to stop the black death was to burn not only the
city, but the bodies of those who had died of the terrible disease.

Should this problem be unleashed upon the two countries
mentioned, then obviously the Word of God could be taken literally when it
points out that cities, like the city of New York, would need to be burnt with
fire to cleanse them from their dreadful effects sent upon them by Saddam

There is no doubt that we live in strange days and God has
provided a place of safety for us and that is in communion with our Lord Jesus

Walk close to Him and fear none of these things that will
come upon the Earth for He has not called us to fear but to power, love and a
sound mind. II Timothy 1:7

We thank God that when one receives Christ as their Saviour,
immediately His spirit comes within us and we see things as God sees them for He
lifts us up into His presence and spiritually we look down and laugh as He
laughs at man's attempt to take over.

To Him be all the praise and the glory for He is worthy.