Kenyan president sacks privatisation head

Kenyan president sacks privatisation head

Kenyan president sacks privatisation head

Over the years we have held lectures in many parts of the
world including the nation of Kenya, Africa.

The President of Kenya, Daniel Arap Moi, has attended many of
our lectures and shown a great interest in reading our material.

It was therefore exciting to read an article taken from The
Daily Telegraph
in London, dated

29 March 2001: "Kenyan president sacks three top civil
servants...President Moi of Kenya put himself on a collision course with the
West yesterday by sacking three senior civil servants appointed to fight
corruption. Those replaced were the permanent secretaries of the finance
department and the information, transport and communication department, and the
head of the privatisation programme.

They were senior members of the prominent white Kenyan
Richard Leakey's 'dream team'.

Dr Leakey was sacked as head of the civil service on Monday,
prompting nervousness in diplomatic circles that Mr Moi could be defying donors
and investors.

'I don't think we are talking about another Mugabe here
but it is worrying,' one diplomat said.

'Moi is trying to say, "I don't need you. I'm doing
this alone".'"

Much as we appreciate this effort by President Moi to kerb
the activities of the Global village in his country in particular, we don't
like his chances because as the money has been borrowed from the International
Monetary Fund, the conditions must also be fulfilled.

Actually he is in a trap for if he does not continue with his
privatisation programme, the investors will pull out of his country, leaving the
country to go to rack and ruin.

Leaders worldwide are in the same boat and therefore it is
not by accident that God tells us to pray for those in authority that they may
have wisdom to keep us living in peace during these very difficult days of
transition into a satanic world government.

The born-again believer in Jesus Christ of course, has a
hope, which far supersedes all these earthly matters, as very shortly, Jesus is
coming back and we will go to be with Him and leave all this mess behind.

Praise God for the Christian hope.