The Third Way

The Third Way

The Third Way - Reinventing Government

George W Bush at the Americas summit
George W Bush at the Americas summit

When I first put pen to paper in the year 1978, in the
writing of my first book, Warning, little did I know how this strange scenario would develop.

Many of my friends laughed and made comments such as "there
goes Smithie playing his one string violin again," to which I would just smile
and keep quiet.

We commenced holding house meetings, then moved into
churches, then into public halls, then into town halls and then in many
countries around the world, into football grounds where tens of thousands of
people would turn up to one meeting.

Little did I know at the time that New Zealand would be the
world's test case for a strange demonically organised plan to steal
sovereignty from every nation and to set up a One World Government at the
beginning of the New Millennium.

At last, others are latching onto this information and this
of course is the reason for the massive demonstrations against globalisation
meetings held in various parts of the world.

I am also pleased to report that there is a brilliant
investigative reporter named Joan Veon who confirms everything that I have said
over the years and recommend that any doubters should look up her website page
as soon as possible on the internet:

Now New Zealand was chosen by world government advocates to
act as a world laboratory and therefore we see clearly now that the plan which
was started in 1987 in particular, has brought nothing but problems to the
country of New Zealand.

Author Ian Wishart, in his interesting book The God Factor,
points out on page 108 that

"... Governments devise almost a Hollywood approach -– a
three-Act screenplay formula.

Act One sees the emergence of some peril, the revelation of a
social monster that threatens the fabric of society.

Act Two: the monster continues to rage unchecked until the
peasants are screaming for salvation.

Act Three: enter the Government, and a cunning solution that
will hold the monster at bay and rescue the people...

Some examples? As I mentioned at the beginning of the book,
the sale of state assets in New Zealand. The Government manufactured a crisis -
New Zealand couldn't pay its debts -– and then offered a solution: if we sell
off state corporations we can pay off those debts...

Sure, New Zealand had debts. But selling off income producing
assets wasn't the only way of dealing with it. And given the tax write-offs
and foreign exchange fluctuations surrounding the deals, the assets were
virtually given away.

And remember, when the Labour Government 'corporatised'
State Owned Assets, they told New Zealanders this was not a precursor to
privatisation. Except of course that it was."

Now that George Bush has got the job in America, we see that
he is now responsible to be the front man to set up a new system of government
called The Third Way or Public-Private Relationships or Reinventing

Joan Veon in her exciting internet article entitled Connecting
the Global to the Local
points out the continuous change in our governmental
structure through Bill Clinton and Al Gore's

"Re-inventing Government Programme".

We quote herewith: "I write about public-private
partnerships because I don't think I even understand the full ramifications of
America being auctioned to the highest bidder. At some point, there will be no
assets or corporations to buy-out. Then they will have power plays between

America is being cut up into pieces and given to the highest
bidder -– the corporation. All over America, in every hamlet, town, city and
borough, they are buying through public-private partnership arrangements for
water, sewer, air traffic controller, electrical systems which were formerly
owned or controlled by government...."

And then under the heading "Charter Schools", we read:
"Guess what! The public school system has failed. Our kids just aren't
learning. Something is wrong. Hence after all the millions of dollars pumped
into the government funded school system, a new type of school has emerged. The
Charter School which is a public-private partnership. After all, business needs
to train their future employees in their image. Again, we are seeing every
aspect of the functions which government used to perform be transferred to

...when I first started to report the IMF/World Bank
meetings, they have tons of books, reports, and other kinds of material
available for reporters. I remember picking up and reading several books and
magazines, which were devoted to the privatization of these kinds of state owned
assets. At that time I did not understand public-private partnerships. My
initial reaction to the fact that countries were 'privatizing' or selling
off major natural capital assets was shock. It was not clear who was buying them
because it was very apparent that some of the buyers were front organizations.
Therefore, what I have concluded is that the IMF/World Bank was set up to
facilitate the sale of state owned assets for the sole purpose of transferring
power from governments to corporations and other non-governmental entities!"

Under the heading "The Church", we read: "...It is the
desire of President-elect Bush to reach out to churches and other groups in
order to help them get involved with the community to assume more responsibility
for the needy. In return they will be given additional tax breaks and other
incentives. He plans to allocate $8 billion for this endeavour. What we are
seeing is the second stage of public-private partnerships. When Government is no
longer able to protect or help the poor due to downsizing, lack of funds, or
because the whole structure and function of government has changed, then someone
has to do it. Enter the churches....

Will churches understand the global net they are being asked
to participate in or will they be sucked in without understanding what it really

A final question asked by Joan Veon I felt was very
significant: "What are we paying tax for if we no longer benefit from them?"

Ultimately the article concludes along the following lines
that above all, this is a battle for power and control which is motivated by
pride, lust and greed.

The people of the world, however, are beginning to pick up on
this information and the recent massive protest in Quebec regarding the linking
of the Americas together, is a sign that even non-christian believers are
getting angry about the plan.

This ideal was announced by George Bush Senior in about the
year 1990 and his aims were made clear i.e. to set up a free trade area from
Alaska in the north to the tip of South America, linking the currencies of that
area and combining them with the American dollar.

In 1991 the Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker predicted:
"In five years, you will find a fixed exchange rate among the Peso, the US
dollar and the Canadian dollar (New York Times,

18 December 1991).

Ultimately all the South American countries will link their
currency to the US dollar and there are plans to merge the Stock Exchanges also,
so that eventually there will be a common Stock Exchange for the hemisphere.

Started by George Bush Senior -– finished by George Bush

The interesting thing about all this is that the American
government called it a business arrangement and because it is not a treaty or a
convention it does not have to go through Congress - it bypasses Congress.

Joan Veon points out that because this battle is spiritual,
and we agree with this, it is important to be in close touch with the Lord
during these days as He provides a spiritual answer to the problem.

That is a born-again relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Being washed in His precious blood and having our name in His book called the
Lamb's Book of Life, gives us tremendous confidence to carry us through these
strange days as the satanic plan moves on, in the take over of the whole world

We give thanks to God that we have a city waiting for us
whose builder and maker is God.