Trouble at Americas summit

Trouble at Americas summit

Trouble at Americas summit

The Summit of the Americas held in Quebec during the month of
April caused a lot of trouble and yet people all over the world involved in
politics have taken a large interest in the results. We quote from the Business
, 14 March 2001, an article entitled, "US restarts race for free
trade - The US presidential debutant will next month share top billing at the
Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, where 34 western hemisphere countries
will talk turkey on the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas. The FTAA -–
if successfully negotiated -– will be the largest free-trade zone in the world.
It is timetabled to take effect by 2005 and is the most ambitious trade deal
ever attempted.

Canadian reports suggest the FTAA will incorporate the most
business-friendly aspects of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the North
American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) and even the failed Multilateral Agreement
on Investment in the biggest free-trade agreement yet. It would apply to all the
countries of the Western Hemisphere, excluding Cuba.

Its opponents say it could open up the full range of public
services to private competition....

The President has huge support from Americans who want their
country to resume its leadership mantle in driving international free trade.

Last month, several of America's most influential
corporations wrote to President Bush urging him to make the US-Singapore
free-trade agreement a priority for 2001 using trade promotion authority....

Australia's economy is hampered by protectionist practices,
which will make negotiating a free-trade agreement particularly tiresome.

In New Zealand's case, the United States is likely to
reopen the issue of parallel importing. Then there is the tit-for-tat issue of
reciprocal access for dairy and lamb.

But there is no doubting the commitment by Prime Minister
Helen Clark and her Trade Negotiations Minister, Jim Sutton, to this process....

But before New Zealand gets a seat at the negotiating table,
the US must deal with the issue of presidential powers....

In the Beehive (Wellington), politicians have tagged their
support for markets liberalisation with the proviso that the resultant trade
will bring benefits to New Zealand....

The shift in the power balance between global and
multinational corporations and nation-states has sparked the usual protests at
the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this year. The Stop Nafta forces
mobilising for the Summit of the Americas in Quebec next month share similar

The widening of the gap between 'haves' and 'have-nots'
has caused a rethink in how business sells the benefits of free trade....

With the WTO stalemated, despite boss Mike Moore's claims
otherwise, New Zealand business has few options but to pursue single-mindedly
bilateral and regional agreements...."

Free trade sounds good but the problem is that as a result,
small businesses cannot survive as they are no longer trading with people in
their area but with providers from the whole world.

The Word of God predicts nothing but disaster as they
continue on with their plans in playing God, and as the Lord destroyed the Tower
of Babel in their attempts to set up an opposition to God's plan, so will the
God that we serve, also destroy the New World Order and finally Jesus will come
back and take control of this world system.

Make sure you're on His side.