Which currency for region three?

Which currency for region three?

Which currency for region three?

Some years ago, David Rockefeller opened up a group called
the Trilateral Commission. The idea was to divide the world into three regions,
each with their own standing army and each with their own currency system.

In many of our issues of this newspaper, we have outlined
various stages of the formation of these three groups, but now feel it is
important to add the latest news that we have received at our office.

Way back in 96 A.D., the book of Revelation 16:19 spoke of a
final world empire called, in biblical language, mystery Babylon:

"And the great city was divided into three parts, and the
cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God,...."

During the month of April, a meeting was held in Quebec,
which caused a lot of upset amongst the thousands of protestors who joined in.
These people said that they were anti-globalisation, as the message that we have
been speaking since 1978 had finally got through to them, and they realised that
their freedoms were being taken away little by little, through this world
government plan. At that particular time, George Bush and many others in the
region of the Americas came together to discuss something that George Bush
Senior had spoken about way back in 1990. That was the linking of the Americas
from Alaska in the north, right to the southern tip of South America.

Ultimately a common currency, probably the American dollar is
envisaged and also one stock market for the whole area.

Europe has gone the same way using the Euro currency and is
in the process of setting up their own standing army as well.

The third region, Asia-Pacific, is at this moment of writing,
still interested in finding a currency, which will be agreeable to all countries
in the region. Now that New Zealand and Australia are considered part of Asia
and are always present at the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation)
conferences, talk of an Anzac currency between Australia and New Zealand is not
really suitable, according to many who are working these things out.

We quote herewith from the Business HERALD, 27 March
2001: "Anzac dollar fails to sway House group - The prospect of an Anzac
dollar took another dive yesterday as a key Australian parliamentary committee
rejected proposals for a merged currency.

The House of Representatives economics committee also poured
cold water on suggestions that Australia should adopt the US greenback or create
an Asian version of the euro with other countries in the region....

Treasurer Peter Costello has already said New Zealand could
adopt the Australian dollar if it wished....

The exchange also suggested that Australia should consider
joining any regional Asian currency that might emerge from a study underway in
the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

A regional currency would reduce the incidence of currency
crises, said the committee.

However, the disadvantage was that Australia would have to
surrender its independent monetary policy....

But the committee said Australian policymakers should still
monitor the euro as an example of merged currencies."

It is the opinion of this newspaper that the currency that
will ultimately be chosen will be more likely the Japanese yen or the yuan or
some other Asian currency, as Australia and New Zealand are small players in
this particular region.

Globalisation is coming by hook or by crook, therefore it
would pay readers to share this information with their friends and let them know
that Bible prophecy is literally being fulfilled all around them, possibly
without them being aware that these things are taking place.

An interesting verse in the book of Revelation 19:10 b tells
us: "...for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.".

In other words, if the predictions from the Word of God come
to pass, then we can guarantee that this indeed is God's word and we need to
take notice of it.

As many readers will understand, we have spent many, many
years touring the world explaining Bible prophecy and many, many thinking people
give their lives to Christ as a result of hearing the information thus
presented. For this fact we give thanks to God, as the word of God not only
appeals to people of faith but also to people who need facts to back-up their