Dingo kills boy in Aussie

Dingo kills boy in Aussie

Dingo kills boy in Aussie

Many readers will remember the story of Lindy Chamberlain and
her baby daughter Azaria, and their dingo experience in central Australia.

The court case that ensued after the baby was taken by a
dingo, was of the "mickey-mouse" type, where an innocent was put in prison
for no other purpose than to gratify the pride of some stupid policemen the
northern territory of Australia.

The judge in an earlier case criticised them for their slack
work and thus they were determined to make Mrs Chamberlain into a scapegoat and
try and redeem their reputations.

The Word of God in the prophet Habakuk 1:4 says that a
condition will apply just prior to the coming again of our Lord Jesus Christ. We

"Therefore the law is slacked, and judgement doth never go
forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong
judgement proceedeth."

Many of us felt it was poetic justice when we read in The
Daily Telegraph
in England, 1 May 2001: "Boy stalked and savaged to death
by dingoes - ..."

In spite of the fact that the Chamberlain case was based on
the fact that dingoes did not attack humans and that the taking of a baby by a
dingo was impossible, we now read the following:

"The incident revived memories of one of the country's
most sensational trials, following the disappearance of nine-week-old Azaria
Chamberlain at Ayers Rock, in 1980. Her mother, Lindy, insisted that a dingo
took her baby, but spent three years in jail for murder before her conviction
was quashed...

But some blamed the attack on tourists who feed the dingoes
in spite of warnings posted around the island asking visitors to treat the
dingoes as wild animals and not to give them food...

Queensland farmers have long campaigned for widespread
culling of dingoes, which often attack sheep.

It is mating season on the island and wildlife officers said
the dogs were therefore more aggressive.

They added that there had been 20 reported attacks in the
past six years, many on young children, although yesterday's incident is the
first reported death. Only last week, a woman and her 18-month-old son were
stalked but escaped unharmed. In 1997, a young boy from the state of Victoria
was severely mauled...

The incident has refocused attention on the disappearance of
a British advertising executive, David Eason, 46 of Battersea, south-west
London. He went missing more than a month ago during a holiday on Fraser Island."

To those of us who read the daily papers, I say we must not
be surprised as we watch outrageous decisions handed down in strange court cases
where sympathy is felt for the criminal and not for the victim of the criminal's
work and evil deeds.

All this leads on to the arising of a man called Antichrist,
the man of sin, the son of perdition, sometimes known as the beast of
Revelation. This man will be in charge of a generation completely out of control
and will bring in policies which no other man in history has ever introduced to

The stage is now set for Antichrist and as our law system
deteriorates, we notice that international law is gradually making inroads on
national laws and thus the whole world will very shortly be run by a different
system altogether which will be foreign to most of us who are alive today.

We who trust in the Lord rejoice that there is a God in
Heaven who judges righteously and that He has left us a book called the Bible
which gives us clear standards for decent living in this day of perverted

Read it and do your soul a favour.