The unlikely president

The unlikely president

The unlikely president

During the year 1990, I was stuck at Phoenix Airport,
Arizona, while the nosewheel on my plane was being repaired. I sat in front of
the television set and watched the United States news during which time an
announcement was made that George W. Bush was millions of dollars ahead of Al
Gore in campaign funds in his search for the Presidency. At that time it became
very clear that the Presidents of America are not only chosen before the
elections but the masses of money collected on their behalf, makes it easier for
them to promote themselves before the public of the country.

As we have stated before in earlier issues of our newspaper,
George W. Bush was chosen before the election by the world government advocates
to complete the task which his father started in the year 1990, i.e. to set up a
New World Order or One World Government.

This world government involves the selling up of the
sovereignty of every country on earth so that the power will be taken from
national governments and handed to an international body which will control
every country from a certain point onwards.

We have learnt already that George W. Bush, although claiming
a born-again Christian with one hand, is also a member of a very powerful
satanic society called The Skull and Bones or The Order, which is a fraternity
of Yale University in the United States of America. His father and grandfather
both belonged to the same society and thus there is a problem, as the Word of
God makes it clear, that He is not in favour of mixture in any way whatsoever.

It is for this reason that in the Old Testament the Jewish
race were forbidden to take milk with their meat or to wear garments made of
wool and linen at the same time. Nor were they allowed to carry unequal weights
in their hands.

By belonging to both the Lord Jesus Christ and Satan, George
W. Bush is blatantly breaking the rules.

Upon seeing his public performance to date, it would appear
that a more unlikely President could not have been chosen. A man who has never
left the country apart from visiting northern Mexico, and a man who does not
know the names of the majority of world leaders that he will be obliged to
converse with over the term of his Presidency. A man also who cannot speak very
coherently without notes and it is an obvious embarrassment to viewers to watch
him trying to look presidential when he is in no way suited for the job.

On page 28 of the book entitled The Bush Dyslexicon,
the author, Mark Crispin Miller says "Bush did the minimum at Yale, mainly
partying and making good connections. 'He was intellectually lazy, not
particularly interested in anything serious, rather arrogant, contemptuous of
studying, and purposeless,' recalls Dick Hermann, a classmate who knew him
well." Then on page 29 we read: "Like his dad before him, Bush did well
because the Family always went to bat for him, pulled strings for him, shelled
out for him, and let him freely trade on his relations..."

On page 174 we read: "The Governor made this statement in
announcing his 'Reading First' initiative in Reston, Virginia.

'This is Preservation Month. I appreciate preservation, It's
what you do when you run for President. You gotta preserve.' Los Angeles
28 January 2000.

Thus spake Bush in honoring "'Perseverance Month' at
Fairgrounds Elementary School in Nashua, New Hampshire."

On page 113 we read of the similarity between the father and
the son. George Bush Sr. tells the story of his close call as the Navy's
youngest flyer in World War II: "'I was shot down, and I was floating around
in a little yellow raft, setting a record for paddling. I thought of my family,
my mom and dad, and the strength I got from them. I thought of my faith, the
separation of church and state.'

Not yet taught to feign the sort of piety that would attract
the Christian right, Bush was evidently worried that his reference to 'my
faith' might sound unconstitutional, so he tossed in that last item."

Obviously his style leaves a lot to be desired and therefore
his present trip to Europe, we will have to watch and see how he gets on. His
only strength lies in the fact that he has masses of advisers, speech writers
and those who in some way, manage to train him up before he appears in public
and makes a fool of himself.

An article entitled The Global Intelligence Update
tells us: "There is little doubt that Putin is more firmly in control of
Russia politically than Bush is of the United States. In his first five months
in office, Bush appeared to be recovering nicely from the perceived political
weakness that stemmed from his dead-heat election victory. But when Vermont Sen.
James M. Jeffords decided to leave the Republican Party and the Republicans lost
control of the Senate, this resurrected the realization of just how politically
weak Bush actually is.

Putin, meanwhile, grows steadily stronger in Russia...

Bush cannot afford even the appearance of failure. In
particular, he cannot appear to come out of the meetings looking as if he were
out of his league. Putin has no such challenge. There is no question of his
mastery of international relations."

The aim of this article is not to denigrate a man but to
point out that there were others far more suited to the job of President. Those
who had a look about them of statesmanship, eg Colin Powell.

It has been suggested that if he manages to last the whole of
the four year term, the person waiting in the wings to take over is Hilary
Clinton, who could be picked up by the media and presented regularly on the
front page of many popular women's magazines in a similar manner to that which
Princess Diana was in her day.

There is no doubt, however, that although America has one of
the weakest Presidents in history, the country is surely to undergo the
judgement of Almighty God, as has been shown to such men of God as David
Wilkerson and Dimitru Duduman of Romania.

Psalm 75:6-7: "For promotion cometh neither from
the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he
putteth down one, and setteth up another."