Islands – four months for reforms

Islands - four months for reforms

Islands - four months for reforms

Finance Minister Michael Cullen
Finance Minister Michael Cullen

Over the years, much of our Christian work has been conducted
in the Pacific Islands, and therefore we take great interest in things that are
happening in this part of the world.

An article taken from the Dominion newspaper, 16 July
2001, is headlined "Islands get more time for reforms -– Six South Pacific
countries operating 'harmful' tax havens have been given an extra four
months to reform their banking systems.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
last year warned the Cook Islands, Nauru, Samoa, Niue, Tonga and Vanuatu to
reform their tax systems by the end of this month or face isolation from the
international financial community.

Some Pacific Island countries have been accused by
international banking authorities of allowing their offshore banking operations
to be used for money laundering by criminal gangs. After a week-long meeting in
Auckland, the six countries have been given till the end of November to
introduce transparent tax laws, a New Zealand tax spokesman said.

The discussions are part of a drive by the Paris-based OECD
to fight the loss of billions of dollars to tax havens.

Countries identified with 'harmful tax' systems include a
string of Caribbean islands, Panama, British territories in the Caribbean and
the six South Pacific countries...

'Every country must have transparent laws, not hidden tax
laws, and all countries should be prepared to exchange (information) on tax
matters between tax administrations,' Mr Oliver said."

Author's note: what a pity this did not come up during the
Winebox Inquiry when many white-collar crooks then living in New Zealand were
sending their money across to the Cook Islands. A careful reading of Ian Wishart's
book, Paradise Conspiracy will confirm this statement.

"Finance Minister Michael Cullen said last week
international sanctions should not be imposed on impoverished countries accused
of being tax havens and money laundering centres....

New Zealand is helping some small Pacific states to create
tax systems which cannot be misused by money launderers."

Author's note: this seems strange as we have already
mentioned that New Zealand would probably be one of the last countries to assist
other countries to set up a non-honest tax system, as people involved in the tax
department in New Zealand, the Special Fraud Office and big business have been
accused of conspiring to beat the tax system of this country during the era of
the Winebox scam.

New Zealand readers please take note that although Ian
Wishart wrote two books on the subject, there was never an inquiry into his
allegations nor the allegations of Winston Peters.

Some time ago my wife and I were on a trip to Nauru to
conduct a series of lectures, but upon arriving at Nadi Airport, Fiji, we
received the information that Nauru would not accept us over there.

We now see an article in the NZ Herald, 26 June 2001,
"...Nauru said yesterday that it would bring in new laws to clamp down on
money laundering before a September 30 deadline set by an international task

Nauru was given an ultimatum last week alongside Russia and
the Philippines by the Financial Action Task Force, a Paris-based anti-money
laundering agency.

The United States Treasury says $US70 billion ($171.23
billion) left Russia in 1998 alone for offshore accounts in Nauru.

The chief secretary to the Government of Nauru, Mathew
Batsiua, said that once passed, the new laws would be 'among the strongest in
the region.'"

Although the ordinary folk among us in the community are
shocked at the excesses of our so-called dignified white-collar people, the Lord
says there is a day coming when "...there is nothing covered that shall not be
revealed; and hid, that shall not be known." (Matthew 10:26).

Our job as believers in Jesus Christ is to live our lives
before the Lord and recognise this fact, that vengeance is not mine but God will