Israel’s eternal capital

Israel's eternal capital

Israel's eternal capital

Having been to the Middle East area at least 19 times over
the last few years, it has been our experience that the Word of God is very
literal as it tells us the future of that area.

We learnt some years ago that Israel is not in particular God's
clock with reference to Biblical prophecy, but the city of Jerusalem definitely

At a certain time in history it is clear, masses of people
around the world will suddenly become more than interested in Jerusalem, that
ancient city situated on the top of the mountains of Israel.

We quote herewith from the prophecy in Zechariah 12:3 - "And
in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that
burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the
earth be gathered together against it."

Partway through the year 2001, we see the following groups
have designs on the city of Jerusalem:

  1. Israel (their eternal capital); 
  2. the so-called
    Palestinians or Arab nations; 
  3. the Orthodox church;
  4. the Catholic church (it is for this reason the Pope
    visited that city very recently); 
  5. the Freemasons who have their lodge under
    the wall of Jerusalem near the Damascus gate.

As we know, the city of Jerusalem was given by God to Israel
as their eternal capital and therefore with that clearly in mind, we can make
some very specific statements.

George Bush and Ariel Sharon
George Bush and Ariel Sharon discuss Middle East politics

One thorn in the flesh that God has allowed to prosper during
these days is a man called Yasser Arafat and it is clear that Israel sees him as
a major problem to be dispensed with as soon as possible.

We quote herewith from the Hawkes Bay Today newspaper,
13 July 2001: "Report reveals plans to destroy Palestinian forces -– The
Israeli army will seek to destroy the Palestinian Authority's fighting forces
in a massive month-long offensive to start after the next major suicide bombing,
according to a British newsletter.

'Estimated Israeli casualties would be in their hundreds;
Palestinian losses would be in their thousands,' Jane's foreign Report said,...

'By the end of the operation, the generals reckon that the
President of the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Arafat, would have been forced to
leave the West Bank or Gaza Strip,'....

The aim was to force into exile or kill Arafat's close

'The 40,000-strong Palestinian armed forces would be
disarmed and either dead or held in detention camps,' it added....

The Israeli operation would be initiated by heavy F-16 and
F-15 air raids...

Up to 30,000 paratroops, infantry and armoured brigades would
then quickly move in, with losses expected at up to one percent or 300 men, the
report said."

All this is in opposition to lame duck George W. Bush's
appeal to Arafat and Sharon, to bring about some sort of a peace.

Everybody else has tried, and how on earth George expects to
do any better than the others is beyond belief.

We quote from the NZ Herald, 22 June 2001: "United
States President George W. Bush tried yesterday to keep alive a fragile Mideast
ceasefire, speaking by telephone with Israeli and Palestinian leaders and
announcing plans to send Secretary of State Colin Powell to the region next week....

In addition to calling Sharon and Arafat, the White House
said Bush spoke to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and thanked him for his
efforts to promote peace in the Middle East....

Israel and the Palestinians regard the ceasefire agreement as
a first step in implementing a wider peace plan sketched by a committee led by
former US Senator George Mitchell..."

It is clear that unless some politician or diplomat with the
same credentials as say, Henry Kissinger moves in on the situation, no-one can
possibly fulfil the Biblical prophecy that there will be a seven year treaty
between the Jews and the Arabs in the very near future.

It is also of significance that the reports tell us Yasser
Arafat has already made arrangements to flee to Baghdad where Saddam Hussein has
promised him refuge if things become too hot for him in the area.