NZ stumbles into Global Dairy Co trap

NZ stumbles into Global Dairy Co trap

NZ stumbles into Global Dairy Co trap

Since 1987, when a system called Rogernomics was introduced
to New Zealand under the auspices of five men in the then Labour Party, and
under various disguises, New Zealanders have been fed a diet of lies and half
truths in the media as the powers that be, continue to sell out the sovereignty
of this country.

With New Zealand approximately 80 per cent in overseas hands
at this time of writing, we see a headline in The Dominion newspaper, 19
June 2001: "All go for Global Co -– Merger to take on world food giants.
Dairy farmers have voted to create New Zealand's biggest company to take on
the world's top food corporates.

Nearly 14,000 dairy farmers voted yesterday at meetings
throughout New Zealand to merge manufacturing giants Kiwi and Dairy Group and
the Dairy Board to form the world's ninth-biggest dairy company, temporarily
known as GlobalCo.

The vote will consign to history from October 1 the
103-year-old Kiwi company, the 82-year-old Dairy Group, and the 70-year-old
Dairy Board..."

We should not be surprised to see in the same article, the
headline that says: "Strong vote satisfies Government". The reason for this
is of course that the Government is under the power of a group called the
Business Round Table, who in turn are under the power of the Mont Pelerin
Society, which works on the policies of the Adam Smith Institute, also situated
in London, England.

Since 1987, it is clear that this country has been used as
the world's laboratory or guinea pig nation to show how selling out of
sovereignty leads to frustration, suicide and utter disintegration of society as
we have known up to this point.

The Word of God calls this the "mystery of iniquity" and
to see our main product link together in this way, ready for a sell-out later on
to overseas folk is a final blow to anybody who regards sovereignty and
independence as important.

The World Government people of course follow the Fabian
Socialist plan of selling out every sector of society, using the best method
possible to destroy it, and then build the new society on the ashes of the old.
The key word in this case is gradualism, and the situation will be developed
soon where overseas buyers can come in and gradually buy up shares in this giant
global company which will initially start at no doubt 49 per cent and then move
above 51 per cent.

At that stage our dairy system goes overseas, never to return

To those of us who are committed believers in our Lord Jesus
Christ and look forward to His return very shortly, we encourage you with these
words, that we have a place in Heaven prepared for us by our Lord Jesus Christ
which can never be privatised.

It is true, "That the triumphing of the wicked is
short..." (Job 20:5).