From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Editor

Dear Friends

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new
landscapes, but in having new eyes
. Proust

The following piece of poetry has a worthwhile message for
anyone who cares to have 'new eyes':

I wonder how many valuable learning gifts we miss out on,
simply because we're stuck in our own tunnel vision. God of course, has a
wonderfully expansive view of the bigger picture, and wants to reveal to us some
beautiful snippets of a very positive future -1 Corinthians 2:10. We must
therefore begin to 'see' with spiritual eyes, right past our natural view of
things. The natural view gets our attention first -– being obvious, and often
trips us over. The spiritual view, sits behind the natural -– with the Spirit
of God wanting to reveal 'much more' to us.

With all sorts of prophetic happenings going on around the
globe -– don't forget to see beyond the natural to the spiritual battle that
is being fought. The best part: This battle is the Lord's -– and we are
protected by Him.

God Bless you as you grow in the knowledge of Him


Andrew Smith

The Cold Within

Six humans trapped by happenstance
In dark and bitter cold.
Each one possesses a stick of wood,
Or so the story's told.
Their dying fire in need of logs
The first woman held hers back,
For on the faces around the fire
She noticed one was black.

The next man looking across the way
Saw one not of his church,
And couldn't bring himself to give
The fire his stick of birch.
The third one sat in tattered clothes
He gave his coat a hitch,
Why should his log be put to use
To warm the idle rich?

The rich man just sat back and thought
Of the wealth he had in store,
And how to keep what he had earned
From the lazy, shiftless poor.
The black man's face bespoke revenge
As the fire passed from sight,
For all he saw in his stick of wood
Was a chance to spite the white

The last man of this forlorn group
Did naught except for gain,
Giving only to those who gave
Was how he played the game.
The logs held tight in death's still hands
Was proof of human sin.
They didn't die from the cold without
They died from -– the COLD WITHIN

copyright unknown