That sinking feeling

That sinking feeling

That sinking feeling

Some years ago it was decided at a conference held at a place
called Iron Mountain that the world government people would bring all wars to a
stop at a certain time in history, and as the Global Village progresses, the
idea is that we would all need one another to such an extent that wars will no
longer be necessary.

It was also pointed out at that conference, that war is the
glue which holds nations together and another type of glue was called into
being, to act as a common denominator for national unity.

This new glue was to be the environmental movement and thus
we notice that the scam of global warming is being pushed around the world
today, as a common problem which must be tackled by nations as a whole.

The scam continues by telling smaller nations, particularly
Pacific Island nations, that their countries will be swallowed up as the ice
melts at the poles and the sea level comes up. We have pointed out over the
years that ice is simply expanded water and therefore, if the ice melted it
wouldn't alter the sea level in any way whatsoever.

We note now an article taken from The Straits Times,
Singapore, 20 July 2001: "No special deal for sinking island -– Australia
said yesterday it will not change its immigration rules to allow special access
for the 11,000 people of Tuvalu, a Polynesian atoll nation which fears it will
sink into the Pacific thanks to global warming."

To those who still believe that global warming is a problem
which can be helped by man's ingenuity, we would point out that this message
should not be preached in such countries as Mongolia at this present time, as
their temperatures are dropping to at least -–50 degrees. People living in New
Zealand would also have problems in believing the global warming lie, as would
people in South Africa, for on the day we arrived there during the month of
July, snow was falling over much of that land.

Please remember that the earth is a self-programming unit
that can handle both heat and cold, and that this is simply a false problem
being dug up by men who are desperate to find a common problem where we can all
work together and solve. Welcome to the Global Village and the One World
Government, but also, more especially, welcome to our Lord Jesus Christ who is
coming again shortly and said:

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up,
and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28).