The man who pleased God

The man who pleased God

The man who pleased God

Does your name start with the letter E? Neither does mine,
but don't let that concern you overmuch.

Many years ago two men lived, then passed on to heaven
without dying. Their names, Enoch and Elijah.

In this, our generation, there are many millions of people
living who, by the grace of God, believe that they will not experience death.
-– Do we really have any cause to hold such outrageous beliefs?

During the year 1963, Samoa was experiencing a tremendous
outpouring of the Holy Spirit, during the time Makisua and Mau Fatialofa were
ministering in that country.

At Easter time of that year, a young lad aged about 12 years
of age was moved upon by the Spirit of God, and throughout the night he would
periodically stand up and prophesy in the Samoan language.

"La'u fanau e, ou te fai atu ia te outou."

"My children, I say unto you, many of you will not die but
you will see me coming in the clouds with great glory." - That was 38 years
ago now and many believe the prophecy will shortly be fulfilled.

Lessons to be observed from the life of Enoch:

1. He needed crisis to wake him up. Genesis 5:22 "And Enoch
walked with God after he begat Methuselah..."

The name Methuselah meant, 'When he dies, it will come.'

Enoch never knew that his son, Methuselah, would live to be
the oldest man ever on earth. He lived 969 years.

The day he died, history tells us that the judgement of God
fell, in the form of the flood.

The lesson to be learned here is that God has a quality
unknown to men -– Longsuffering.

2 Peter 3:15 "And account that the longsuffering of the
Lord is salvation,..."

Some of you should have died years ago, but God in His mercy
holds out His hand to you in salvation.

You may have said, "No, no, no," to this point, but
believe me, a simple crisis can change everything in 5 minutes.

2. Hebrews 11:5 tells us that Enoch was a man of faith, and
God took him from one realm, into the next, without seeing death.

Some of you who are reading this newspaper have received
enough faith in God and His Word to believe that you will have a similar

3. Enoch was "not found" says Hebrews 11:5

When the Lord returns at the rapture, of the translation of
the blood-washed believers, many of you will not be found either.

The repercussions of this are amazing. Men driving home from
work, suddenly gone. Imagine the scene of Sydney Harbour Bridge at 5pm rush

Unbelieving husbands, waking in the night to find their wife
has disappeared, leaving her nightie behind.

Passengers on a jumbo jet dismayed to hear that both pilots
have disappeared.

4. Jude v14 tells us that Enoch preached the 2nd
coming of Christ, even before the first coming took place.

"And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of
these, saying, 'Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, to
execute judgement upon all...'"

How are you getting on in explaining that time is running
out? Have you told your friends and relations?

They may laugh, but they will remember.

They may laugh, but they will remember.

They may laugh, but they will remember.

5. Enoch pleased God. Hebrews 11:5

We can fool our family and friends, but not ourselves, or

I guess some of us need a fright or a crisis to refire our
enthusiasm for the things of God.

It is amazing the difference it makes when the doctor says,
"You have 24 hours to live."

May we not require this type of encouragement!!