US dollar in the cactus

US dollar in the cactus

US dollar in the cactus

For many years now during the course of our lectures we have
pointed out the collapse of Japan will bring about the New World Order. This was
headlined in a significant Australian publication and wherever we have held our
lectures we have found people know this to be the case.

Then on 20 March 2001, the Sky News, headlined: "Japan
is on the verge of bankruptcy -– Since the announcement, they predict a nervous
24 hours as Mori and Bush meet in the US today for talks on economic reform."

News watchers have noted that Alan Greenspan of the Federal
Reserve has cut interest rates six times recently and is about ready to do it

In order that the New World money system may be brought in
(which the Bible calls the mark of the beast - a silicon chip in the hand or
forehead for buying and selling), we must watch the demise of the major
currencies of the world today. We quote from The Press, Christchurch, 4
August 2001:

"Asian-crisis forecaster expects US dollar dive -– Just as
we got used to a kiwi dollar around US40c -– booming export prices, dear
imports -– a market upheaval may send the kiwi flying up.

Farmers would have to adjust from superb economic times to
just good economic times.

This will happen if a forecast crash in the United States
dollar occurs.

The forecaster is Paul Krugman, who against the tide
predicted the Asian financial crisis.

Krugman, a top economist, in his latest column in the New
York Times
, says: 'The great dollar decline is coming.'

He says the US dollar's days are numbered because there
is an analogy between the soaring currency and the recent bubble in technology

The US dollar has been rising against most world currencies
-– Japan's yen is a special case -– since the mid-1990s.

Krugman says this has priced American products out of world
markets and caused the United States current-account deficit to quadruple to
$NZ1.075 trillion, the biggest trade deficit in history.

Deficits this large have always led to a currency plunge
in the past, Krugman says

The euro is likely to surge in any US dollar dive...the New
Zealand dollar will probably rise more than the euro." (emphases added).

Now it is important to note that at this point in history all
Middle East policies regarding Israel are conducted at the State department in
America. Israel's greatest supporter and partner has for many years been the
United States of America, and therefore should their dollar collapse, that would
be the end of American support for that country.

They would then have to depend upon the Lord, as the Bible
says they will, in the latter days, as all countries in the world will be busy
looking after their own affairs and have to leave Israel to their own devices.

Regarding gold, it has been predicted by some that the price
will drop below $200 per fine ounce and once the banks have closed down, the
gold price could well go up to over $1000 per fine ounce after the crash.
However, with the volatility of the world monetary markets, we at this newspaper
would not advise people to invest in gold as the book of James, prophetically
speaking, tells us that this is not the way to go.

We quote from James 5:1-3: "Go to now, ye rich men,
weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are
corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered;
and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as
it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days."

In spite of that prediction in the Word of God, men who do
not read the Bible continue on with their ideas of setting up a different type
of currency. We quote now from the NZ Herald, 12 July 2001: "Gold put
up as dotcom currency -– World markets need a currency that is independent of
national economies, and gold is already showing it fits that bill, says a dotcom
firm based on the Caribbean island of Nevis.

'In the past there wasn't enough gold to finance wars,
but there's more than enough around now to finance commercial transaction,'
said Douglas Jackson, president and chief executive of e-gold....

A Canadian, for example, could pay a German the correct
weight of gold for goods or services as easily as if the price had been quoted
in a national currency....

'We've already seen interest from areas where there are
weak currencies and good internet penetration, particularly Malaysia and New

Mr Jackson said a digital currency also offered central banks
a way to mobilise their gold reserves.

'The central banks, and the IMF, are sitting there with
thousands of tonnes of gold as a major part of their assets, but they can't be
used for capital transaction.'...."

To believers in the Lord who read newspapers such as this
one, we would recommend that you do not invest in gold but trust in the Living
God who will see us through these difficult times as He is called Jehovah Jireh
-– the Lord will provide.