WTO failure will hurt poor?

WTO failure will hurt poor?

WTO failure will hurt poor?

The Business Day newspaper, 31 July 2001, had the
following headline: "WTO chief says failed talks will hurt the poor", and we
note that it was a New Zealander who was appointed to head this surreptitious
world government group called the World Trade Organisation. We further quote:

"Failure to launch a new round of global trade negotiations
later this year will undermine the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and leave poor
countries vulnerable, WTO head Mike Moore said yesterday..."

The Johannesburg Star, 29 July 2001 gave us further
information: "Leaders of world's poorest nations meet ahead of WTO trade
round -– As the leaders of the world's richest countries wrapped up their
annual summit in Italy yesterday, officials from the world's 49 poorest
gathered in Zanzibar to develop a common strategy ahead of a World
Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting in November.

The leaders of the world's least developed countries are
concerned about a proposal by rich countries to draft new world trade rules...

The UN classifies a country as 'least developed' when the
per capita income is less than $900 a year. Despite decades of global growth and
development aid, the number of poor countries has nearly doubled since 1971,
from 25 to 49.

Most of them are in Africa and Southeast Asia...

The poor nations' conference opened just as the leaders of
the US, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Japan, plus Russia, ended two
days of talks in Genoa amid protests over the ill effects of globalisation and
the widening gap between rich and poor...

Delegates to the Zanzibar conference were concerned the rich
countries would try to tighten environmental and labour rules.

They feared those rules would be used to exclude them from
the WTO, where members pay low tariffs on the products they export to each other...

'We are confronting a time where 600 million people,
one-tenth of the population of this globe, are finding it increasingly difficult
in their endeavour to lead a decent life,' said S. Rahama, the chief delegate
from Bangladesh.

'Our 49 countries are generally facing marginalisation,
(our) share is declining in the global market, the economies in the countries
are becoming impoverished by each passing day.'" (emphases added).

What the IMF could not do in catching people in the loans and
conditionalities trap, the WTO is doing by setting the rules on how people will
sell their products one to another.

There is no doubt that we are moving into a very dangerous
situation but those of us who belong to the Lord are in a very safe position as
the God that we serve has His banner over us, and knows that we belong to Him.

As any good father would look after his children, so our
Heavenly Father promises to look after us, as these satanic practices are put
into gear.

In the light of these revelations it is important that we
turn to the Word of God and receive the admonition from 2 Timothy 2:19:

"Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having
this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth
the name of Christ depart from iniquity
." (emphasis added).

In these days, the Lord is challenging His people again to
recognise that they must not fear the things that are coming upon the earth, but
look to Him and live a life, which is pleasing to Him.