EU to spy on protestors

EU to spy on protestors

EU to spy on protestors

Such is the anger of the anti-globalisation people, that they
are gathering upon every occasion to combat this insidious evil plan, which
steals national sovereignty from individuals and makes them part of a
nationalistic, authoritarian, social controlled world government, which will
make life a misery from the cradle to the grave.

And now we read in the NZ Herald, 21 August 2001: "EU
wages spy war on protesters -– BRUSSELS -– Stung by the violence and mass
protests that have overshadowed recent international summits, European leaders
have ordered police and intelligence agencies to identify and track

The tough new pan-European policing plan comes in the wake of
Genoa G8 summit, which was overshadowed by two days of fierce clashes and the
fatal shooting of Italian protester Carlo Giuliani.

The new measures clear the way for demonstrators travelling
between European Union countries to be subjected to unprecedented surveillance....

The move is causing alarm among campaigners, who argue that
sensitive personal information about lawful people may be entered into a

Calls for a new Europe-wide police force to tackle
hardline anti-capitalists were made after the Genoa summit and led by Germany's
Interior Minister, Otto Schily

Germany has long sought a Europe-wide crime busting agency
modelled on the FBI.

Germany's EU partners have rejected Schily's call as too

At Genoa, even before the violence erupted, surveillance of
protesters was highly visible. Police filmed demonstrators as they gathered
outside the red zone that sealed leaders off from the public.

About 90 arrested protesters released last week say they were
physically and mentally abused.

They say they were beaten, forced to strip for medical
exams and subjected to sexually graphic insults
...." (emphases added).

We would ask the reader to kindly take note of the fact that
it was the Germans once again that suggested setting up a Europe-wide crime
busting agency modelled on the FBI.

This is all world government stuff and it is important that
you keep subscribing to this newspaper and other like it, to see how this
insidious movement is gradually taking over our lives without us even being
aware of it.

A further note -– a friend of ours who works at a clothing
factory tells us that here in New Zealand, they are sewing uniforms for the
staff members in large companies, who will all ultimately be dressed alike. She
mentioned to us that this smells of communism, where everybody in China dressed
in grey, drab uniforms with little red scarves.

Could it be possible that the world government that is coming
upon us is ultimately going to prove worse than communism?

The answer seems to be found in the book of Luke 21:36, where
our Lord Jesus Christ said: "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may
be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to
stand before the Son of man."

Life under our Lord Jesus Christ will be absolutely glorious,
but life under the Anti-Christ will be an absolute disaster.

Our advice -– choose carefully which one you would like
ruling your life in the future.