Howard keen on globalisation

Howard keen on globalisation

Howard keen on globalisation

John Howard
John Howard

John Howard in Australia has to be keen on globalisation, as
any Prime Minister who goes against it will no longer be Prime Minister.

We read therefore in the Christchurch Press, 24 August
2001: "Howard confident about Globalisation -– The theme of the Prime
Minister's speech on foreign policy on Wednesday was confidence -–
confidence in globalisation and in Australia's ability to handle the
challenges and seize the opportunities it presents.

Mr Howard was dismissive of 'the opponents of
globalisation, the self-styled champions of the poor and the marginalised, (who)
speak for no-one but themselves'.

His message was clearly aimed partly at those planning street
protests during October's Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (Chogm) in

Yet there was a smugness about the speech, and some blind
spots. Only in passing did Mr Howard coyly acknowledge that globalisation
produced losers as well as winners

As for the island nations of the Pacific, Mr Howard
acknowledged Australia's 'substantial and special responsibility', a
statement that sat oddly with his failure to attend three of the Pacific Islands
Forum's annual meetings in recent years.

That said, it is significant that Mr Howard chose to make an
important foreign policy speech in the lead-up to a federal election. In a chill
political climate, the internationalist role has its attractions." (emphases

It is clear from media reports that John Howard is
fighting for his political life
as it appears the media has been instructed
to get rid of him at all costs, for some reason or other.

Politics is a dirty business and yet ultimately we as
Christians must recognise that the Lord gives us the government and the
leadership that we deserve. Psalm 75:6-7:

"For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor
from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down
one, and setteth up another."