Frankenstein’s monster

Frankenstein's monster

Frankenstein's monster

Osama bin LAden
Osama bin LAden

Have you ever wondered where this man Bin Laden got his
power? An interesting article written in the Sunday Star Times, by Frank
Haden makes a lot of sense. We quote in part:

"The Americans owe it to their dead to ponder how bin
Laden, yesterday's darling of their foreign policy, came today's monster
They must remember how the CIA, with the US-sponsored Pakistani intelligence,
Britain's MI6 and SAS, and French support experts armed bin Laden's
terrorists, temporarily known as freedom fighters, to help get rid of the
Russians. That war reduced Afghanistan to poverty and spawned the appalling

It is hard not to think of Frankenstein's monster
turning on its creator
." (emphases added).

The Time magazine, 24 September 2001, headlined an
article on page 24: "What Makes Them Tick?"

A new thought was given to me as I read, and we quote in

"But to new theorists like bin Laden, globalization
represents the end of that détente and the start of a hobnailed Western victory
march, justifying extreme actions in self-defense

The fear that these changes will eradicate their language.
Their religion. Their way of life. Westernization as the major lifestyle.
Capitalism as the major economic system. English as the major language. Tourism
as a major industry. These things scare them. This is not just a madman's
mindset." (emphases added).

What do you think of that? As far as I'm concerned, there
may be a lot of truth in what we have just read.

Here is this horrible new word, world order, rearing its ugly
head again. It started in New Zealand in 1987 in a very big way, and now look
what's happened worldwide as a result.

Is it possible that the five men in the Labour Party of New
Zealand, who started all this and became pawns to the world government people,
are now responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in the New York World
Trade Center, in a round about way?