Iraq behind attack

Iraq behind attack

Iraq behind attack

Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein

Although many are saying Osama bin Laden is responsible for
the attack on the World Trade Center, we see that many folk around the world are
beginning to look beyond him. As reported in the Arutz-7 News, Sunday, 16
September 2001, we see that the Wall Street Journal headlined: "Bin
Laden Isn't Only One to Blame," by the author of a book entitled "Study of
Revenge: Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War Against America. We quote in part,
from the article: "Laurie Mylroie, ... writes, '...Someone had to understand
how to smuggle weapons through U.S. airport security and which airports and
airlines to choose...'...

Dr. Benjamin Zycher, Senior Fellow at the Pacific Research
Institute for Public Policy, follows this line of reasoning, and writes...'Notwithstanding
a budget of $30 billion or more, our intelligence services, using incredible
technological tools of signals intelligence, were able to intercept every false
electronic transmission issued by the Iraqis and others, while remaining utterly
oblivious to the real plot that actually unfolded...

The argument that the central responsibility lies instead
with an amorphous "network" run by a bitter Moslem living in the mountains
of Afghanistan is, to be blunt, simply not plausible. Nonetheless, the
argument that Bin Laden is the villain, however dubious, will be encouraged in
the coming days by the "discovery" of an amazing series of false clues
pointing to him, planted by the Iraqis...

The Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet, must be
fired immediately. The head of the CIA counter-terrorism bureau must be fired.
The same is true for the head of the Federal Aviation Administration security
service, and the head of the FBI counter-terrorism unit...' (emphasis added). He
concludes that the correct policy now is to use overwhelming military force to
remove Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi Baathist regime from power and install Ahmad
Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress in their place
..." (emphasis

Not only that. A friend sent the following article to me. We
quote in part: "The former head of Israel's Mossad secret service, Rafi
Eitan... 'I have no doubt whatsoever that the mastermind of this atrocity is
none other than the Iraqi dictator,' said Mr Eitan, a security adviser to
three Israeli governments and mastermind of the capture of Nazi war criminal
Adolf Eichmann in May 1960...

Mr Eitan said bin Laden may have been a partner, or merely a
pawn, in a plot by Baghdad to strike back following its Gulf War defeat...

Uri Dan, an adviser to Israeli premier Ariel Sharon, said:
'Saddam Hussein, with great cunning, feels that nobody has any proof that he
was directly involved in the New York bombing attack. He has been careful to
make sure that no finger can be pointed directly at him. He is quite happy to
see somebody else being held responsible.'..."

Then again, we see in the Israeli Intelligence
newspaper, 12 September 2001: "Iraq financed attacks -– Iraq recruited Saudi
billionaire fugitive Osama Bin Laden and his Islamic allies to carry out the
suicide attacks around the United States, according to Israeli intelligence...

The most likely sponsor for such an attack, the sources said,
is Iraq. The Baghdad regime has long maintained an alliance with Bin Laden and
Islamic groups...

In Baghdad, Iraqi state television appeared to welcome the
bombings. The television said the spate of attacks demonstrated the
vulnerability of the United States...

'The collapse of U.S. centers of power is a collapse of
the U.S. policy, which deviates from human values and stands by world Zionism at
all international forums to continue to slaughter the Palestinian Arab people
and implement U.S. plans to dominate the world under the cover of what is called
the new (world) order,' the television added. 'These are the fruits of the
new U.S. order.'

The Israeli Cabinet was informed that the United States might
launch a massive attack on Iraq and Afghanistan over the coming days. The
sources said such an attack could prompt a regional war..." (emphasis added).