Who needs the SAS?

Who needs the SAS?

Who needs the SAS?

Here is a tongue-in-cheek article from the NZ Herald,
21 September 2001. New Zealand readers will understand very clearly what it is
all about.

"The Herald featured a headline, 'Kiwis could
swoop on bin Laden's men'. The article talked about the possibility of our
elite SAS forces being deployed in Afghanistan. I have a better idea.

If Afghanistan's Taleban Government continues to remain
uncooperative, may I suggest the Prime Minister has a far more lethal weapon to
deploy -– New Zealand's businessmen.

This is a small, secretive, elite group, rather like the
SAS, with its members well known to each other. Furthermore, they form a
battled-hardened corps with 17 years of experience laying waste to New Zealand's

One team (either from Air NZ or Qantas NZ) could be deployed
to take over Afghani airlines and run them into the ground, another team could
take over the railways and do the same.

Any old-established Afghani businesses could be similarly
taken over and their wealth requisitioned (via bad decisions and corporate
salary packages), their shareholders ruined and their employees put out onto the

Then again, I hope reason prevails and the Taleban Government
cooperates." (emphasis added).