World airlines collapsing

World airlines collapsing

World airlines collapsing

Some years ago whilst in South Africa, a gentleman who worked
for South African Airways went back to work after one of my meetings, and tapped
in on the computer under general information. These words came up on the screen
"Only six airlines will remain on earth."

And now after the attacks on the World Trade Center, we see
the headline in the Christchurch Press, 15 September 2001: "World
airlines to face record losses after attacks on the US -– The world's airline
industry has warned it faces record losses in 2001 following this week's
devastating attacks in the United States, and one analyst said some US carriers
may go bankrupt.

Reduced demand as people avoid air travel and likely higher
security and jet fuel costs will add to the woes of an industry struggling with
a downturn in business travel because of the global economic slowdown.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), an
association of 266 member airlines, estimated immediate revenue losses and extra
costs for the industry at $US10 billion ($NZ23b)...

After a two-day nationwide grounding, the United States
yesterday (NZ) reopened its air space under extremely tight security, allowing
flights to resume on a case-by-case basis after airports implemented new
security measures. Some carriers were slow to start flying again...

Many in the industry are braced for a re-run of market
conditions seen after the 1991 Gulf War when many people shunned air travel, and
tough security is expected to worsen congestion in terminals, probably forcing
the most over-stretched airports to cut peak-hour flights."

Here in New Zealand, our Air New Zealand is collapsing, as is
Ansett in Australia.

Times are tough and fear is rampant. However, maybe this year
will lead to the fear of the Lord and a searching in the hearts of men and women
to find the true meaning of life.

As long as things continue as easily as they have, history
has proved that people do not seek God, but when things become hard, we give
thanks to God, for then, they cry out for help and the Lord is only too willing
to meet them as they seek Him with all their hearts.

A dear old man of God read this scripture to me when I was a
young man looking for God's will in my life, and it is found in Jeremiah 29:13:

"And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall
search for me with all your heart."

Let this scripture drive you on to seek God for His blessing
in your life also.