From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Editor

Dear Friends

I would like to thank George and Eileen Anderson for their
contributions to the Omega Times over the past 18 months. Unfortunately for us,
they are not able to continue writing for us on a regular basis. Thank you both
for your insights, humour and 'goading' (sharp prodding stick). Your unique
talent has been very much appreciated!

May I remind you that God's wisdom is ours for the taking
-– if we need it, He has instructed us to ask Him for wisdom. Moreover, He
wants to give us His wisdom liberally -– so we can go about our lives
establishing and sowing good seed... Life is short, and it is better to sow the
right seed based in God's wisdom, than the wrong seed, which has to be plucked
out by the roots later...John 15:13.

I heard a man speak at Church this morning on 'Parenting
with confidence' -– practical tips for parents. I enjoyed it so much, because
it was based in God's wisdom...not to mention the fact that it was completely
practical - and because I have four children to help develop I appreciate
practical tips. I need to know God's wisdom if I am to provide anything close
to a balanced and whole perspective to my little tribe. It's nice to think
that our 'underwriter' (if we adhere to His advise) is the God of the
Heavens, our Father.

I trust you're enjoying the Omega Times -– have a look at
the OT online and feel free to refer others to it! It's a helpful tool. Also,
we are planning a great tour of the Holy Land, Egypt and Jordan in 2002. Why don't
you prayerfully consider joining us -– phone Innerfaith Travel and reserve your
place on the tour now! We will be watching Israel very closely over the coming
months -– God's plans are unfolding!

In Jesus