US bridges guarded

US bridges guarded

US bridges guarded

I was fascinated during my trip across the many States in
America recently, to notice that every bridge that we crossed was being shored
up with giant steel beams and men working day and night, to make sure this job
was done. My driver Michael explained that this was for the United Nations tanks
to cross as the United Nations forces take full control of America in the days
not too far ahead. During which time patriots, Christians and others opposed to
the New World Order will be imprisoned by the many thousands of troops that have
been imported already into that country, from Germany, Russia and other parts of
the world.

However, it is of note that in the NZ Herald, 5
November 2001, we read the headline: "Close watch on bridges -– Ground, air
and water patrols yesterday guarded California's major bridges, including San
Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, but there were no reports of problems after a
warning that major spans in the western United States could be targeted for

The unprecedented security measures came after California
Governor Gray Davis said on Friday that he received what was described as
credible information 'that between November 2 and November 7 at rush hour there
will be an effort to blow up' the bridges.

Tightened security remained in place at the Golden Gate
Bridge and Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge, the Coronado Bridge in San Diego
and the Vincent Thomas Bridge at the Port of Los Angeles...

It is also the first time National Guard troops have been
stationed on California bridges since September 11.

If some motorists were jittery, their concern did not seem to
keep many off the bridges...

The London Sunday Times reported that less than half
of British Muslims believe Osama bin Laden was justified in mounting a war
against the US and 96 per cent thought air strikes against Afghanistan should

There are about two million Muslims in Britain.

Nearly three-quarters -– 73 per cent -– said Prime Minister
Tony Blair was wrong to back the Americans in their air offensive.

Asked whether it was more important to be British or Muslim,
68 per cent chose their faith.

The figures are likely to concern ministers, who have
repeatedly insisted that the US and its allies were not waging war on Islam,
amid fears of growing racial and religious tensions in Britain..."

Footnote: It should be noted that Ramadan starts on 17
November 2001,and while all these people are worked up, it could be very
interesting to see what will take place during that time.