Aussie wives love to argue

Aussie wives love to argue

Aussie wives love to argue

The newspapers recently seem to have such articles in them
and therefore I quote in part, having some scriptural verses along this line to
discuss with you.

The Dominion, 27 November 2001:

"Australian wives are among the world's most
argumentative, a survey has found.

The survey for the Readers Digest showed that
Australian women had shorter fuses and were more likely than their counterparts
in the United States or New Zealand to turn a discussion with their husbands
into an argument.

Almost a quarter of the Australian wives admitted losing
their tempers in a discussion and over 65-year-olds were the biggest offenders..."

Having travelled for much of my life overseas, I find
continually that there are some folk who seem to spend their whole lives arguing
and trying to push across their point of view. I find this very sad, as really,
one point of view doesn't actually change the world as a rule, unless it comes
from somebody as distinguished as our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Scripture is clear -– that we should "live at peace
with all men" if at all possible, as this leads to a healthier lifestyle and
certainly wins us many friends. Whereas the argumentative person struggles to
make friends, as a rule.

As we prepare our lives for the coming of our Lord Jesus
Christ, it would be important to recognise that God is interested in bringing
out His character in us.

1 Peter 3:4, reads:

"But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that
which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which
is in the sight of God of great price
." (emphasis added). Therefore, to
any readers of this newspaper who have a problem with arguments, we need to
recognise that God has called us to peace and it is important to call out to God
to take this spirit from us, that we may enjoy the brief time we have on earth.

What does it really matter in most cases, as to whether you
are right or wrong, in contrast to living in peace with the folk around you?

It is certain that the ways of the world are in great
contrast to the ways of God, and the people that name the name of Christ that
the world are looking for, are those who exhibit the qualities of Christ's

If anybody could have cut the enemy, our Lord Jesus Christ
would be that one, and yet it was said of Him in Luke 4:22:

"And all bare him witness, and wondered at the gracious
words which proceeded out of his mouth..."

May God give us all grace in these latter days to exhibit the
same spirit.