Bin Laden song parody

Bin Laden song parody

Bin Laden song parody

In the Christchurch Press, 17 November 2001, we read
the following:

'A patriotism-fuelled parody song written by a Las Vegas
radio team is getting air time on more than 100 US radio stations and mass
circulation on the Internet.

The Bin Laden Bomb Song, sung to the tune of Harry Belafonte's
calypso-pop classic The Banana Boat Song, was written by KOMP-FM's morning
show crew about a week after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Two months later, cartoon versions of a gun-toting bin Laden
are running and ducking for cover as an animated version of Secretary of State
Colin Powell sings: 'Come Mr Taleban, hand over bin Laden... Colin Powell
going to bomb his home.'

President George W. Bush accompanies him on a large drum.

One member of the team said the video has been downloaded
more than 10 million times.

'I never thought it would be this big,' said KOMP-FM
morning show disc jockey Craig Williams.

'It's been emailed over the world.'..." (emphasis

It is this writer's opinion that it is possible bin Laden
had very little to do with what took place on September 11. However, we will let
those who believe otherwise carry on with their mission, and get themselves
ready to attack their next enemy, Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Never forget that what George Bush Sr. started in the year
1990, his son, George W. Bush Jr has been instructed to finish.

Whether he will or not, depends on his faith in the Lord
Jesus Christ.