Kissinger pops up in China

Kissinger pops up in China

Kissinger pops up in China

Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger

As outlined in another article in this newspaper (page 8),
China has joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and thus become enmeshed in
the World Government plan, whether they know it or not. What the IMF could not
do with their loans and conditions trap, the WTO, run by a New Zealander, has
done the job in helping to relieve them of their sovereignty and make them part
of the global village.

We now quote from an article in the Business Herald,
14 November 2001: "Open for business in land of promise -– The fulfilment of
China's 15-year quest to join the World Trade Organisation should give another
boost to New Zealand's booming primary sector...

World trade ministers meeting in Doha admitted China to
the 140-member global club on Saturday, opening a potential market of 1.3
billion people

China's economy is the world's sixth largest and has been
one of the few to maintain a healthy growth rate this year.

Lesser, but significant, benefits will come from Taiwan's
accession to the WTO a day later

China is already a booming market for New Zealand exports...

The ministry also expects New Zealand exporters to gain from
the effects of trade liberalisation as the Chinese economy expands.

The big direct winner is likely to be the dairy industry.
Dairy exports to China are now $190 million and were already expected to grow

Most dairy exports are in milk powders, but there is plenty
of potential, with the Chinese Government running a milk-in-schools programme
boosting awareness of dairy products.

Tariffs for New Zealand's second-biggest industry of
exports to China, forest products, are already negligible. Most of the
$170 million exports are logs and wood pulp. However, the industry
expects exports for laminated woods, paper, newsprint and other processed
products to increase substantially...

China's huge and growing population and rising living
standards were a big attraction for exporters. Forest products demand was
outstripping China's ability to supply...

China is already a valuable market for New Zealand meat..."
(emphases added).

Now not only that, we were excited to pick up in the same
newspaper, the Business Herald, 14 November 2001, and see the headline,
"Chinese oil firm goes for Kissinger touch".

Can you believe that he is back on the world scene again? And
this man that many Christians told me was too old, is very busily engaged in
world negotiations. He is called the public relations man for the New World

"Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will join the
panel of international advisers for China's third-largest oil company, CNOOC.

Dr Kissinger, who served in the Nixon and Ford
Administrations, is also on the board of Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold,
which mines in Indonesia's Irian Jaya province, and Hollinger International.
He previously advised American Express, Revlon and CBS Corp.

'As a global oil and gas company, CNOOC needs advisers with
global vision and world-acclaimed track record,' said Wei Liucheng, CNOOC's
chairman. Mr Wei did not say how Dr Kissinger would be compensated.

Other members on CNOOC's advisory board include Simon
Murray, former managing director of Hutchison Whampoa; Professor Kenneth
Courtis, vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia; Professor Edward Steinfeld, a
political economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Edwin
Schurtenberger, former Swiss Ambassador to China." (emphases added).

Never forget that the name Kissinger adds up to 666. This
information may be found in our first book printed in 1987, Warning, page
43. This fact in itself does not prove that he is the man we are looking for as
the World Government leader, but a possible candidate.

Keep watching for the non-religious Jewish man who will sign
a seven year Peace Treaty between the Jews and the Arabs, and whoever that man
is going to be, we believers will understand that the Anti-Christ has at last
been revealed to the world.