Muslin kids can pray

Muslin kids can pray

Muslin kids can pray

An article taken from tells us:

"That anti-religion bastion of political correctness, the
New York City public school system, has quietly sanctioned prayer in schools -–
but only if you're a Muslim who wants to worship during Ramadan.

In a talk radio exclusive, New York's WABC Radio has been
airing reports for weeks on the school system's special program for Muslims.
Late Wednesday, Schools Chancellor Harold Levy finally confirmed that the
religious double standard indeed exists.

'Christian parents would probably love to have a place
where their children could pray during school hours,'
WABC newsman George
Weber said Thursday. 'They don't... but the Muslim kids are getting their
very own prayer room in New York City public schools.'
..." (emphases

As we have pointed out many times, the aim of this New World
Order is to make things difficult for believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and
therefore, we should not expect good treatment at this time in history.

Let's recognise we belong to another kingdom, i.e. the
Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are pilgrims and strangers here on earth,
and the local people don't like us very much until they join up with us.

Tell your unconverted friends that every one of them needs to
change kingdoms and give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, who said: "I am
the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
(John 14:6).

We don't need religion. We need a relationship,