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Cleopatra's Needle - New York
Cleopatra's Needle - New York

It is little wonder that the title of one of our books is The
Devil's Jigsaw
, as the information we present week after week is part of a
giant puzzle that the Lord in His grace is allowing us to put together.

During a recent trip to the United States of America, I was
handed a copy of the left-hand seal on the reverse side of the American
one-dollar bill. One man had drawn an opposite triangle across the pyramid and
then drawn circles around the letters that each one intersected. It was
fascinating to notice that these letters spelled out the word M.A.S.O.N., as
freemasonry is very much involved in the setting up of the New World Order.

My young driver Michael told me that previous speakers at the
Prophecy Club had given him much information about the role freemasonry played
in the setting up of this global village. One such man was called Bill
Schnoebelen, who had reached the 90th degree of freemasonry and was
also a Satanist. As he used to donate money to the Satanist church, his cheques
went through the banks, and by the mercy of God, a young Christian wrote on the
reverse side of one of the cheques, that he was being prayed for and that he
would give his life to Jesus Christ. As a result of this message, he ultimately
did receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and accepted full deliverance
through the blood of Christ.

He explained the significance of the obelisk in the world of
the freemason. Part of the myth told to all these men upon their entry to the
Lodge, is that there was a mythical character called Hiram Abiff. This man was
attacked by three ruffians who cut his body into many pieces and later, as a
reassembling of the body took place, the missing part was the male organ.

This links us with Egyptian mythology and the story of Isis,
Osirus and Horus. Bill Schnoebelen pointed out that once the male organ, the
Phallic symbol, has delivered up the seed, it dies, and then later is
resurrected again to fulfill its task of procreation.

The freemasons are taught that as the Tower of Babel was
erected, as we read in the book of Genesis, the seed issued forth with the hope
of the creation of a world government, but God smashed the Tower of Babel and
thus put paid to their satanic aims.

In the latter days however, we see that the Phallic symbol
rises again in the form of the Egyptian obelisk and therefore, the areas of the
world that make up Mystery Babylon in this our day, all have obelisks in them.

Revelation 16:19 speaks of this final world empire in the
following manner:

"And the great city was divided into three parts, and the
cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to
give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath."

In previous issues of this our newspaper, we have pointed out
that New York made up the economic side of Mystery Babylon, Washington DC made
up the political side of Mystery Babylon and Rome made up the religious side of
Mystery Babylon.

The Washington Memorial
The Washington Memorial

While studying this subject, I was interested to note that
Rome has an obelisk in St Peters Square, Washington DC has an obelisk, which is
called the Washington Monument, but I asked our Office Manager Keith Jones, to
search out through the Internet whether New York had an obelisk.

It was fascinating when the answer came back. Not only was
there one in New York but there was also one in London, and both were called Cleopatra's

Now to the uninformed it would appear that America runs their
own economic system, but unfortunately this is not the truth.

We have learnt upon further investigation that the Federal
Reserve of New York which controls Wall Street, is in turn controlled by major
shareholders in Europe and in particular, the city of London. People in the know
should recognise that every American bank note should have the words United
States Note
printed on them, however, the words Federal Reserve Note
take the place of the original name.

Cleopatra's Needle - London
Cleopatra's Needle - London

Imagine my excitement when we discovered that the London and
New York obelisks both have the same name, which was Cleopatra's Needle.

To try and simplify what we are saying, we make this
statement -– that the freemasons worship the male organ. When one enters the
Lodge, he sees the Masonic symbols of the compass and square on the wall, with a
large letter "G" printed in the midst. Over the years, visitors to the Lodge
have guessed as to the meaning of the letter "G" and thought it may mean God
or Geometrician of the Universe. However, we learn from Bill Schnoebelen that
the "G" in the centre of the compass and the square in fact stands for

Now we can understand by looking at the reverse side of an
American dollar why the words at the top of the pyramid read "ANNUIT COEPTIS"
and the words down the bottom read "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" which means
which includes government, religion, law system and economy.

Basically, the whole thing revolves around the uniting of the
physical from the earth with the spiritual from the demonic heavens, as they put
Lucifer, the god of witchcraft on the throne of the world.

Not only that, we have discovered that Joseph Smith of the
Mormon church was also a freemason and it is for that reason that above every
Mormon church in the world, they have the Phallic symbol in the form of a shaft
which rises above the main auditorium.

It is with this knowledge that we make the statement -– that
every Mason and every Mormon needs to be set free from this demonic system and
be born-again into the Kingdom of God, through the grace of our Lord Jesus
Christ. Look for the prayer elsewhere in this newspaper and make sure that you
are one of God's people and do not allow yourself to be lulled into a sense of
false security as this evil plan unfolds before your eyes, even in this our day.

"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you
free," said Jesus.

Although this information will shock Masons and Mormons,
please recognise that it is the truth but is not taught to these people until
they have reached the very highest degrees, and therefore they are privileged to
learn it earlier on in this manner.