From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Editor

Dear Friends

January 2002 and The Omega Times enters its 11th year. With a
little more experience under our belts can I remind you of 1 Corinthians 13:12
"For now we see through a glass 'darkly'...". Some versions say 'dimly'.
The Greek word used is 'enigma' or riddle. We are dealing with a riddle
here. It is a riddle given to us by is not black and white, it is not
for private interpretation or to be used for personal gain (power over people).

In the Old Testament we had prophets and priests who were 'mediators'
between man (us) and God. They were God's mouthpieces ...bringing His
direction and wisdom. Hebrews 1 states that in these last days, living under the
new covenant in Jesus blood, God speaks directly to His people...albeit in a

The role of pastor, prophet, evangelist, teacher and apostle
is not to direct peoples lives and affairs. Likewise the Omega Times is only a
tool to exhort people to 'keep your eyes fixed on Jesus'. He alone is our
security in perplexing times. We are exhorted to fellowship often as we see the
day approaching. In fellowshipping, we are 'forced' to acknowledge and gain
exposure to other schools of thought. I believe one of our 'adversaries'
(satan's) greatest tricks is to have churches and individuals remain
introverted and disconnected from the rest of the body.

There's 101 reasons to stay others see
the riddle differently -– and may challenge me...! God uses iron to sharpen
iron. He challenges us to interdependence, unity, vulnerability, openness,
kindness patience and longsuffering. A lot of Western world practises are at
odds with God's economy...that's why we need to keep ourselves in the Word
of God -– and fellowship.

Yours in this enigma

Andrew Smith