Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Andrew

I respectfully refer to Patrick Ikiua's article on page 10,
Dec 2001 issue, "Is there any Christ in Christmas?" His opening lines read,
"The pagan origins of Christmas are well documented." Do you really believe
God is pleased by this blending of paganism and worship?

How does Ecclesiastes 7:1 fit into Xmas? It reads, "the day
of death is better than the day of birth," -– which is in harmony with Christ's
request in Luke 22:19 to remember his sacrificial death. Jesus said nothing
about making a festive season surrounding his birth, which by the way seems to
have been 3 to 4 months earlier.

Xmas is not only based on paganism, it is nowhere commanded
or even suggested in the scriptures and is based on a lie as well.

Finally, have you reflected on the theme of Xmas carols -–
for example, "Litte Lord Jesus," is featured as a very dependant child -–
at an age too young to speak. Yet he had quite a lot to say in adulthood, but
then, what he has to say runs against the grain of this world as it did 2000
years ago.

I am convinced there is no Christ in Xmas. Please correct me
if I am wrong.

However, keep up your good work of introducing God into the
lives of thousands of people. I am sure God is well pleased with that.

Yours Sincerely,

Lou Miranda


Dear Lou

Thanks for your comments re/. Is there any Christ in

I know there are many people who would completely agree with
you. Let each be persuaded in his/her own mind. I still celebrate Christmas with
my family - knowing that Jesus birth was God coming to redeem man! In my view
it's a good and worthwhile commemoration. I have no problem if people choose not
to celebrate in protest of the many twisted commercialised renditions.

Re/. Ecclesiastes 7:1 "...the day of death (better) than
the day of one's birth"... Solomon may have been having a real downer of a
day OR it may refer as you suggest to celebrating Jesus death Luke 22. I see
that without Jesus birth - there could have been no death: lets celebrate
everything that Jesus brings to us - birth, life and teaching, death and
resurrection. He is the fullness of God manifest to us in the flesh - how
wonderful. Carols are like hymns - there are great ones, ordinary ones and silly
ones which are not at all accurate or of any Godly worth. Hark the Herald Angels
sing is a beauty! God's plan of redemption is clearly spelled out! Ed.

(From the Omega Times Online discussion area.)

I admire this website and have a lot of time for Barry Smith.
I have met him in person and consider him very intelligent. I watch everyday as
his predictions unfold with uncanny accuracy. But I seem to have a mental
block to religion. I just don't believe at all in God and although I have tried
many times to invite him into my life I don't seem to get the "special feeling"
other Christian friends have told me of. I think the new world order etc. is
really happening but not through the devil - more like greedy corrupt old orders
such as the masons etc. Society is in decline and it seems wrong is right and
right is wrong. If there is a God (and I hope there is) why not act now with all
his might and stop the pain and suffering of the innocents. Thank you.

Jim Beam (nickname)


Dear Jim

Thanks for your comments.

The Bible provides a very consistent world view and provides
authorative answers to many philosophical questions. Without a standard (God's
Word) there can be no morality...every man will do that which is right in his
own eyes.

I appreciate your thoughts re/. God stopping the pain and
suffering of the innocents...He will in due course!

Again, I must state that God's Word puts purpose back into
life. Human intellect will never find contentment in the accumulation of
fragmented facts alone - our minds require something to 'tie it all together'.
How does this information relate to that... We have been made in the image of
God with the ability to organise knowledge, from which conclusions and standards
can be derived. No other creature on earth has this ability -– a testimony to

All I would say Jim is to keep an eye on God's Word. It will
testify of a living God. Editor

(From the Omega Times Online Discussion area)

Subject: Re: Lucifer, Satan, the Devil - all the same

Dear Barry

I have been talking to other "Christians" who don't seem
to have a problem with Harry Potter. In fact a "Christian" I spoke to
recently doesn't even believe in witchcraft at all. This particular person has
been in the church for over 20 years and I can't believe that they have no idea
about this kind of spiritual influence that is destroying our nation and our
children (and our adults).

Could you please explain in very plain terms why Harry Potter
is so destructive. I need something to give these people but your articles are
quite deep and there is no way they would accept them.

I totally agree with what you say about witchcraft but I
don't seem to be able to put this message across without them telling me I am
totally off the wall. I have suggested scriptures for them to read and pray
about but I
think maybe they are blinded and don't want to see. What scares me is these
people are in the church what do people who are not in the church think?

Thank you, Regards Leah Grabner.


Dear Leah

Obviously, interest in the supernatural has been around from
the beginning of time.

When we were children we watched 'Bewitched'... a popular
family programme which featured apparent witchcraft. It was obviously not 'dark'
witchcraft... I tend to see it now as the thin end of the wedge.

You get used to the 'innocent, friendly, fun' variety and
then open yourself to a more demonic realm. In witchcraft circles, apparently
there is white and black magic... the white variety being 'the friendly sort',
and the dark side = manipulation of peoples lives through spells etc. I know
very little about it except to say that witches I have met have exuded a very
noticeable power.

Regarding the current public fascination with Harry Potter -
the book and the movie is in my view a marketing sensation... though again I see
it as the thin end of the wedge. I have not read the book or seen the movie and
cannot comment on the 'accuracy or validity' of the witchcraft content... I
note that God viewed witches very seriously Exodus 22:18 "Thou shalt not
suffer a witch to live".... Deuteronomy 18:9-12 also clarifies what is being
referred to.

Re/. Christians who make light of the whole area - let each
person be persuaded in their own mind. I believe we will see a rise in occult
practises as darkness covers the earth in these end times. The Lord will
vindicate Himself and put down all authority and power which is not of God! In
the meantime, we can pray for those around us - our sure defence is God. Ed.

(From the Omega Times Online Discussion area)

Subject: George Bush and the P word

In the December edition you state that George Bush Jr has
given his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. When and where ? and has he renounced
his past connections to the Skull and Bones (freemasony like society ?) DEN Gw


Dear DEN Gw

We have no knowledge of George Bush Jr ever renouncing
Freemasonary or his association with the Skull & Bones club.

Re/. His experience with Christianity, the media (popular)
has reported numerous articles relaying the story of Mr Bush's struggle with
alcohol...leading to an ultimatum from Laura Bush, leading to a session with
Billy Graham where he apparently prayed the sinners prayer. It is reported that
he reads his Bible daily and prays over America.... I will seek to identify
article dates for you to follow through. Ed.

Dear Editor;

Quite an interesting point of news was mentioned on tonight's
SBS World News. It involves the expansion of the European Union, and the need
they will soon have to elect a leader. That leader we know is the Antichrist.
The use of terminology, elected, is vague, and I would assume it would mean
election between the heads of the E.U. and not an election taken to the
individual citizens of each perspective member nation. Therefore, appointment
would be the more correct term to be used.

Although his identity still remains a secret, that is; until
the time Satan tells him to reveal himself. My personnel view however, unlike
Barry's -– after studying Texe Marrs, and Joan Veon's opinions on the
Internet, I have a strong tendency to agree with them -– and many other
Christian brother's and sister's stance that Prince Charles of Britain is
the man to watch. However, no one really knows, so let's just wait and see!

Joan Veon's book Prince Charles -– The sustainable Prince
-– Who Will Rule The New World Order is recommended reading. Robert Muir, Vic


Dear Robert

Thanks for your comments. John 5:43 and Daniel 11:37 hints at a
Jewish antichrist...check the amplified bible on verse 37...all interesting. In
order for the Jews to accept him, He will need to be of Jewish descent. As you
say 'Time will tell'.

Interestingly, secular Rabbi's are saying that they will
accept even a 'non-religious Jew' provided he brings about peace. Ed.

P.N.G. and the I.M.F.

The Editor

There has recently been rioting in the streets of Papua New
Guinea. Apparently, this is because certain economic restrictions have been
placed upon the public, by the government, at the demand of the International
Monetary Fund [I.M.F.]

I recall the authorities in Thailand and Indonesia also
subduing riots in their countries over I.M.F. conditional controls on their
economies, causing massive cost of living increases.

Several years back, Kenya also suffered from rampage and
rioting when the Kenyan government increased fuel and food prices at the behest
of the I.M.F.

Interestingly, New Zealand first borrowed from the I.M.F. in
1961. Is there any reason to believe that the decrease in our living standards
and quality of life, over the last two decades, is not due to the I.M.F. 'conditionalities'
placed upon our government and our economy.

Is this the reason from the ever increasing chasm between the
'haves' and the 'have nots', admitted by past Finance Minister, Bill

Do we really believe that Roger Douglas, all on his own,
dreamt up the 'asset sales' doctrine, which is now rampant throughout the

Are the funding cuts in Education, Health, Police, Defence,
Justice, etc. really due to budget/income restrictions, or because of demands by
the I.M.F.???

We elect [??] a government to organise this country on our

Do we elect the I.M.F.?? No, we don't!!

So, who and what exactly, is the I.M.F?? We know it's a
world wide banking and loan organization, associated with the U.N., but who is
hiding behind it?? What are their names, and from whence do they obtain such
huge amounts of money/credit and power, that they can keep the whole world at
their beck and call??? R Jordan, Tauranga