Los Alamos and anthrax

Los Alamos and anthrax

Los Alamos and anthrax

As we have pointed out in previous articles in our newspaper
the Omega Times, the three cities which make up Mystery Babylon in these
days, are New York, Washington DC and Rome.

In the book of Revelation 16:19, we find that the final world
empire is made up of three parts:

"And the great city was divided into three parts, and the
cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to
give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath." In the
month of September 2001, the economic city was hit i.e. New York; the political
city was also hit i.e. Washington DC and all that remains now is for the city of
Rome to come under the judgement of God. For that is the false religious system
that is in opposition to God and His plan for salvation.

The United States of America figures a great deal in the
prophecies, in the book of Revelation 18:6, a strange verse which we
read, now makes sense: "Reward her even as she rewarded you, and
double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled
fill to her double."

Over the years, many people have asked the question, "Where
do such things as AIDS, Anthrax and so on come from?" It is now being
established beyond a shadow of a doubt that both AIDS and Anthrax were designed
in the United States of America.

I have in front of me on my desk, a book entitled, Emerging
Viruses AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional
, written by Leonard
G. Horowitz, showing very clearly how these viruses were created in laboratories
in the United States of America.

We have also received information which tell us: "Secret
report reveals US spent $550 million to make AIDS -– Graves research proves the
United States spent $550 million to 'develop and proliferate' AIDS. Graves
says the 20 year secret 'Special Virus' program is the last remaining secret
of the 20th century....

In 1999, Graves stunned the international and scientific
medical communities when he presented the secret program's 'flowchart'
at an international medical research conference....

Together with our scientists we can realize the immediate
medical breakthroughs for people living with HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. It is
worthy to note that the US government has not responded to Boyd Graves' call
to public debate.

Now that we have found the entire budget for the secret
Manhattan AIDS project
, we are absolutely positive reasonable, good
Americans will seek to know more bout the 'last secret of the 20th

The US Special Virus program is a stealth biological program
representative of a century long hunt to find a 'contagious cancer' that 'selectively

It is only a matter of time before another US President
apologizes for yet another 'crime against humanity'. Each and every victim
of AIDS is innocent in the face of a structured federal virus development
program. Who amongst you does not support review of this federal virus program
for its secrets in relation to the true laboratory origin of AIDS?"

The title of Boyd Ed Graves' book is, AIDS Vaccine
Secrets Found

"Anyone who has taken the AIDS Library Challenge has found
there are eight references to the federal program that created the AIDS virus.
The public library system houses references to progress reports #8 -– 15 of the
Special Virus program. Because we now have the flowchart of the program, we are
able to identify with clarity, specific experiments and contracts inside the

Many of us have forgotten that HIV was originally called 'leukemia/lymphoma'
. Review of these particular experiments will instantly provide faster
routes to better therapy and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS.

We sincerely believe we have proven our right to an apology
for the deaths and death sentences of countless numbers of innocent people

We have solved the last remaining secret of the 20th
Century. We again call upon Dr. Robert Gallo, Dr. Garth Nicolson and Dr.
Carlton Gajdusek
to join efforts with Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Alan
Cantwell, Dr. Robert Lee
and Dr. Dean Loren, among others....

The logical scientific conclusion for the origin of AIDS
is the 'secret' virus program of the United States, the 'Special' virus
(emphases added).

For more information, recommended reading:

State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS,
by Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.


Email: boyded2001@yahoo.com

Phone: 800-257-9387

Some of our readers may remember our book, Final Notice,
first printed in the year 1989, where on page 115, we outline the shocking AIDS
story. How AIDS was created by man and used by certain individuals who are
setting up a One World Government for population control.

The statement was attributed to Dr. Henry Kissinger. "By
controlling energy, we can control nations, and by controlling food, we can
control individuals".

The good news is that not only have we now discovered that
the American laboratories produced the AIDS virus, but that we have a very very
powerful antidote to the AIDS virus, in the form of Polyatomic Oxygen.

This oxygen therapy has been used to great affect in Germany
and in many parts of the world; people are using it quietly and gaining relief
from almost every sickness known to man.

Such is the control of the oil lobby and the pharmaceutical
laboratory people, that any cure is looked upon as being dangerous, as it is
liable to cut back on their bank accounts.

Thus we believe that many of the AIDS and cancer groups who
purportedly are there to help AIDS victims and cancer victims, do not in fact
want to cure, for it is from these people's sicknesses that they gain much of
their revenue.

Regarding the Anthrax question, this author has in front of
him, a list of biological and chemical weapons that were built in America and
sent to Saddam Hussein just as he was about to engage Iran in a territory fight.

Saddam Hussein did not use these weapons against Iran but
kept them in secret bunkers and is now in limited doses, giving back to America
what they first gave to him. It is for this reason that the Scripture found in
Revelation 18:6 about giving back double, becomes very relative to the reader of
today's media.

In the Dominion newspaper, 6 December, 2001, there was
a headline of very great interest to this author, entitled, "Scientists'
terror mission -...

Los Alamos National Laboratory, birthplace of the atomic
bomb, still gives some New Mexicans the creeps.

But in a twist brought about by the spectre of terrorism,
many workers in the mysterious, low-slung buildings and metal trailers are
working overtime trying to save the world from weapons of mass destruction.

The nuclear age that Los Alamos helped usher in nearly 60
years ago occasionally comes back to haunt employees such as Terry Hawkins,
whose job sometimes requires him to imagine what Osama bin Laden might do next.

'We sit around and think of these very bad things, and we
dare not tell anybody,... It's quite a burden to live in that world.'....

Besides Mr Hawkins's division, where hundreds of employees
work to detect, deter and defuse everything from nuclear terrorism to cyber
terrorism, Los Alamos houses the world's most comprehensive anthrax
-– one that has 1200 strains....

The lab also has computers that can simulate and predict the
effects of a terrorist attack on the US' infrastructure....

Now the lab wants to build a research facility where
scientists would work with live infectious agents such as plague, anthrax and
tuberculosis, a proposal received less than enthusiastically by those who think
it is enough merely to have plutonium in their back yard.

Northern New Mexicans' uneasy relationship with the lab
began in the early 1940s, when a top-secret collaboration of some of science's
brightest minds led to the development of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima
and Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945 and gave birth to the town of Los Alamos.

Even today Los Alamos is home to one of the highest
concentrations of PhDs on the planet, scientists who not only developed atomic
weaponry but in recent years have pioneered research into Aids, genetics and
other fields

The complex covers 111 square kilometres and employs about
7000 researchers and support staff." (emphases added).

It may interest the reader to know that this writer and his
wife have visited Los Alamos and given a lecture to the staff there on the
atomic bomb, and believe me, everything went quiet when I spoke on that subject.

Over the years some have questioned me as to whether it is
true than an atom bomb cannot be detonated at any time or at any place and I
have been able to tell them that I have spoken to the PhDs at the laboratory at
Los Alamos on the subject, and after the meeting, one of these PhDs put an arm
around my shoulders and said: "I heard what you said about the bomb." I
asked him, "Was I correct or was I incorrect?" To which he replied with a
smile, "That is classified information. I cannot tell you." In other words,
he was clearly telling me I was correct.

We therefore recommend that you purchase our book, Final
, and read about the nuclear con from pages 92 onwards.

A recent trip to Malaysia gave us the opportunity in Kuala
Lumpur, to purchase a newspaper on 15 December, 2001, where we read the
headline: "We use anthrax in our tests: US army -– The US army admitted
yesterday it has produced small amounts of weapons-grade anthrax spores but said
its stocks are all accounted for and could not have been used in recent
bio-terror attacks...."

Anybody who believes any of this information needs help, as
we realise that much of what is taking place today is not that which is being
reported in the media. It is cleverly hidden, awaiting the day that when once
world domination has been set up then the truth will possibly be revealed.

There is little doubt in our minds at all that people who
receive Jesus Christ into their lives, very quickly come to know the truth. It
was He who said, and was quoted in John 14:6, as saying: "I am the way, the
, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (emphasis