Punch-card path to murder

Punch-card path to murder

Punch-card path to murder

Hollerith Machine
Hollerith Machine

In the midst of our lectures on the Y2K Bug problem, it has
been part of our message to mention the Hollerith Card. Therefore it was with
great interest that I read this article sent to me, part way through the year on
June 23, 2001, "Punch-card path to murder -– IBM AND THE HOLOCAUST: THE
, Edwin Black....

It seemed only an innocent little card with punch holes in
columns. Each hole designated a specific trait such as gender, occupation,
family, religion, or race.

In this early form of the computer, an electric counting
machine tabulated the cards, in 1934, at 24,000 an hour.

Herman Hollerith invented the system in 1884 to classify
individuals, groups, and pinpoint sub-categories, while employed by the
Washington Census Bureau. It dramatically sped up surveys of large populations.

In 1915, a new man, Thomas J. Watson, took over the company
manufacturing the machines that produced the cards....

The card was a means of dehumanising human beings by making
them into a bar code.

Later IBM indexing focused on the Final Solution of Greater
Germany. Jews were highly assimilated into German society, but racial laws
determined that individuals must be identified by their family trees if at least
one-16th of 'Jewish blood' was ascertained.

All Jews could then be organised and transported into and out
of European ghettos, along railroads to death camps, with timing so precise that
victims were hurried out of the enumerated boxcars into waiting gas chambers and
then furnaces within an hour of arrival. Tens of thousands were 'processed'
at a time.

Watson, decorated by Hitler with the Merit Cross of the
German Eagle with Star, was also an adviser and cordial friend of President
Roosevelt and his Secretary of State

While averring his patriotism when the US entered the war, he
simultaneously gathered his company's profits from the billions of cards and
leased machines supplied to Germany, pretending ignorance of their utilisation.

In Germany, everything was machine-carded and calculated -–
all food allocation, slave labour, and control of the complex railway system
across Europe.

For the first time in history, an autocrat had automation as
a tool and used it also for the organised destruction of millions. Every
concentration camp had a Hollerith machine and each inmate had a five-figure
Hollerith number tattooed on his or her arm, satisfying the German passion for

The Germans were enabled not just to count the Jews, but
to identify them

The author's parents were both Holocaust survivors and,
until he researched this book, he puzzled how the authorities always knew the
.... (emphases added).

It is important for readers of our newspaper to recognise
that the card system that was designed by Herman Hollerith and later used by
evil men to tabulate the names and details of Jews ready for execution, was the
same card that was used to create the Y2K Bug problem. The authorities found
that the four digit dates for the year, were using up too much space on these
Hollerith cards, and thus the 19s were deleted, leaving only two digits to
identify the year. At the end of the millennium when everything moved on to -–00
for the next millennium, the problem started, and those involved in setting up
an electronic New World Order, ready for a money crash and a new money system,
used this problem to introduce fear into the hearts of the leaders of each

As a result, the computers were upgraded and synchronised,
and the American in charge of the whole programme along with his 25 task forces
said, "Solving Y2K proved I could run the world with 6 people."

Thank you, Mr Hollerith. You have done your part
unconsciously in assisting world leaders to set up a global village, over which,
Lucifer or Satan will be in control.

Special thanks to Almighty God for sending His Son, Jesus, to
give, those of us who believe in Him, wisdom to understand the days in which we
live, and to make preparations accordingly.