Global warming or freezing?

Global warming or freezing?

Global warming or freezing?

At one of our recent meetings, a young lady and her husband
received Christ as their Saviour, and some time later I was approached by her
with a question. We are working with a committee on a discussion regarding
global warming at this moment. Do you have any thoughts on the subject?

My answer was, "Ask the folk why they don't hold their
meetings in Mongolia, where during winter time, it goes to -–50 degrees?"

Then in the Courier Mail, Brisbane, January 19, 2002,
we read an article, bearing up the fact that global warming is simply a scam.

"Antarctic ice sheet hardens in surprise cold snap -– New
measurements show the ice in West Antarctica is thickening, reversing earlier
estimates that the sheet was melting.

Scientists concerned about global warming had worried that
higher temperatures could melt the massive ice sheet, causing a rise in sea
levels worldwide.

But new flow measurements for the Ross ice streams, using
special satellite-based radars, indicate that movement of some of the ice
streams has slowed or halted, allowing the ice to thicken, according to a paper
in the latest issue of the journal Science...

The cooling defies a trend spanning more than 100 years in
which average land surface temperatures have increased worldwide by about 0.6C.

The scientists said Antarctica was the only continent that
was cooling. They could not say why this was happening now...

Richard B. Alley, of Pennsylvania State University...warned
that coastal property owners should not become too optimistic about the
findings, since the instrumental record was very short and coastal ice streams
had been known to change periodically..."

It would appear that Mr Alley, of the Pennsylvania State
University and his friends are getting a little bit worried as the global
warming theme seems to be coming to an end.

Imagine if you had dedicated much of your life and study to a
subject, which finally turned out to be a complete waste of time. Therefore we
recommend a careful reading of our book Final Notice, from pages 102-106:
"Red Herring no. 2 -– A False Greenhouse Effect", which will assist in
understanding the aims of these men who are simply trying to provide a common
cause for the nations of the world to fight unilaterally under the title, New
World Order.