NSW Freemasons dismayed

NSW Freemasons dismayed

NSW Freemasons dismayed

The Sydney Morning Herald, January 9, 2002, headlined:
"Anglicans pull welcome mat from under bewildered Freemasons -– the Anglican
parish of St Paul's, Lithgow, has split after an edict from the parish
council that Freemasons abandon their beliefs or stop going to church

On October 28, the parish council issued a leaflet saying:
'There has been a clear recognition of the Spiritual danger of Freemasonry and
that it is incompatible with being Christian.'

It said Freemasonry undermined the Bible, contained rituals
offensive to Christianity and denied the one true God.

On December 9, the parish council gave parishioners who were
Masons and local chapter members of the Order of the Eastern Star, the female
equivalent of Freemasonry, seven days to make up their mind. It said that 'to
continue in Freemasonry is to cut yourself off from fellowship with St Paul's'.

Harold Coates, a former NSW grand master of the Masonic
lodge, former Mayor of Lithgow, State MP and a lifelong member of the parish,
said he would not abandon Freemasonry...

'My dad was a Freemason from 1912 till he died. I have been
more than 66 years a Freemason.'....

When there was no response to its letters, the council issued
another letter, signed by the rector, the Rev Bill Winthrop.

It said: 'In view of your rejection of our pleas to
withdraw from Freemasonry it is the view of Parish Council that you are out of
Christian Fellowship with our congregation... We accordingly request that you no
longer attend church services at St Paul's or any of the churches in the
Lithgow Anglican Parish, nor attend any of its meetings or functions.'....

The Anglican Church's spokeswoman, Margaret Rodgers,
referred the Herald to an entry on the Anglican church's Web site, comprising
a 1988 report whose fundamental criticism of Freemasonry was its denial of the
pivotal role of Christ in salvation
...." (emphases added).

As we have spoken for many, many years about the dangers of
this Luciferian cult, many, many men have been set free from their oaths and
curses and obligations through the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. We
have enjoyed seeing families change and come back to normality once the men
sever their ties with this evil group.

Therefore to any man who has the opportunity to read this our
newspaper, and has an interest in our findings on the Masonic lodge, we would
recommend a careful reading in particular, of our book, Better than
, where everything is set out clearly and thus it becomes easier
for a man to resign from the lodge with clear understanding of what he is doing.

For what should it profit a man if he gains the whole world
and loses his own soul?