Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

George W Bush and Tony Blair
George W Bush and Tony Blair

Having been engaged in lecturing on these subjects for much
of my life, it has become very clear that America is still a colony of Great
Britain. The reason for this being that the Federal Reserve is controlled from
the City of London, and it is for this reason, that the Americans and the
English will always work together.

When Bill Clinton's term finished, George Bush Jr. took
over his job and Tony Blair works as well with George as he did with Bill.

The strange thing is that the English people are not used to
a Prime Minister who acts like a President, and thus the media is portraying him
as a world traveller, who seems to leave his domestic problems at home.

We quote from the Daily Mail, September 21, 2001,
which headlines, "Parliament's time has come again -– At times of crisis,
the British people have always looked towards one institution above all for
wisdom and guidance: Parliament.

When issues arise that threaten fundamental changes to our
way of life, or pose a threat to our security, we have expected them to be
discussed frankly and seriously by our elected representatives, so that all
shades of opinion might be heard.

We live in such times now. The Prime Minister joins with
the President with the U.S., our closest ally, to profess that we are at war
British servicemen are already known to be in action in Afghanistan. At home,
draconian measures are suggested by the Home Secretary.

And, yet, despite these momentous events, Parliament is
not recalled

We are now having to grasp concepts unthinkable a fortnight
ago. It is not just that we might have to have ID cards, or that other freedoms
we take for granted in time of peace might have to be surrendered....

To allow MP's to discuss what is happening is not merely
the best way of bringing as much of the country along with the Government at a
difficult time; it is, constitutionally in our democracy, the only acceptable
and possible way.

It may well mean that Mr Blair has to unlearn the habits of
his lifetime as Prime Minister, when he has treated Parliament on good days like
a rubber stamp for his project, or on bad days like an unwelcome interference in
his divine right to rule....

We have seen how well, and how tirelessly, Mr Blair has in
the last fortnight worked to build a coalition around the world to fight
terrorism. He should not ignore the fact that he may well have to do the same
here. He will do it no better than by showing proper respect for our
constitution, and therefore for Parliament...." (emphases added).

Before we give you the next quote, it is important for the
reader to understand that neither Tony nor George set their own agendas, but it
is set for them by world government personages.

Even their speeches are designed by others...

We quote now from the Daily Mail, February 4, 2002:
"...why Blair's vision won't save the world - ...Our Prime Minister...goes
to Africa this week to reform it, just like that. He leaves behind the local
irritations of collapsing health and transport systems, a growing scandal over
the relationship between politics and business, and a corrupted civil service....

Tony Blair is motivated by the grandest and most dangerous of
dogma. He believes he has a mission to transform society.

Things like health care, education or transport are mere
adjuncts to the new Jerusalem he wants to create, in which he will eradicate
poverty, inequality, prejudice and war. He will heal all our pain, even if human
nature itself has to change.

This new world order is behind his perfect faith in peace
processes, European federalism and human rights. It envisages one 'interconnected'
world where divisions are pointless because it will be governed by one set of
enlightened attitudes -– his own

Africa itself, (is) a tragic continent which has defied
repeated attempts at reform. The Prime Minister seems to think that, by laying
on his hands, he can heal the terrible 'world scar' that Africa represents....

It's not poverty or inequality that have done this to
Africa, but the absence there of the institutions of democracy and civil

It is the Africans themselves who must develop these, not
Western politicians jetting in and out...

(Many thought the new Labour would cure many of the problems
in Britain) but the new world order appears to have had the opposite effect.
Thus 'social inclusion' has made teachers' jobs impossible by forcing them
to handle highly disruptive children, 'Institutional racism' has paralysed
the police so that black people as well as white are increasingly the victims of
attacks by black youths...

'Lifestyle choice' has swelled the number of fatherless
children. 'The war on poverty' has inflated welfare dependency and

Tony Blair is gung-ho for European federalism because he
believes the nation state has had its day
. It is astonishing that the man
who presides over the world's fourth-largest economy should believe this. It
is astonishing, above all, that a Prime Minister should wish to give up his
country's power to run its own affairs

His genuine desire to do good is commendable. But Utopia
should be consigned to his fiction library. The mundane repair of British public
life is urgent.

The Prime Minister should come down to earth, where lesser
mortals reside, and get his priorities right..." (emphases added).

It is clear to students of prophecy that the writers of those
articles do not understand that Tony Blair and George W. Bush are no longer
their own men, and are not really in power, but are rubber stamps for the plans
of world government personages.

I remember years ago being interviewed on Radio 2GB Sydney,
at a time when Bob Hawke was the Prime Minister and Anthony Peacock was the
opposition leader.

Whilst asking the interviewer whether he thought that it was
simply a case of two birds, a hawk and a peacock or a Tweedle Dum and Tweedle
Dee situation, he replied that in his opinion, it was more likely to be Tweedle
Dumb and Tweedle Dumb.