Why America is not a superpower

Why America is not a superpower

Why America is not a superpower

An article sent to us from a magazine called The Trumpet,
dated January 2000, reads in part:

"...Theodore Roosevelt was the first U.S. president to see
that America should be a world power. His thinking had a great deal to do with
achieving that goal. He was no longer content for America to be a colony of

However, Mr Roosevelt knew there was more to being a
superpower than just having power. 'Diplomacy is utterly useless when there is
no force behind it,' he said. 'The diplomat is the servant, not the master,
of the soldier. There are higher things in this life than the soft and easy
enjoyment of material comfort. It is through strife, or the readiness for
strife, that a nation must win greatness'.

(Special note: any viewer of a video entitled Skulls,
will notice that on the wall of their lodge at Yale University, in large
letters, is the word W.A.R. It is for this reason that members including George
W. Bush Jr, George Bush Snr and his father, all belonged to this club and that
George W. and his father are always looking for a new war.)

...For a nation to be great, it must have a great leader.
Everything revolves around a strong leader who will lead the people to face the
necessary sacrifices and hard truths.

Today our people want to hear 'smooth things' and 'deceits.'
It's the only way a leader can get elected.

Lesser presidents than Theodore Roosevelt can sustain a great
nation. But you still must have a leader with the will to remain great.

Where do you find a great leader like Theodore Roosevelt
today? If you study his political philosophy, it would be obvious he could not
even be elected to day....

Weak leadership today has led America to have great power,
but we lack the will to really use it (eg Clinton)...

Because of our weak will today, we have again become like
a colony of Europe

Germany is content to let us act like the superpower -– for
the time being. They are working hard to gain more power... Europe has created
their own 60,000-man army. It's an ominous beginning.

That same lack of will plagued America in the Persian Gulf
War. We like to act like we won that war, but Saddam Hussein was never defeated.
That is why he continues to be a serious problem. We lacked the will to offend
our Arab allies and finish the war....

America looks good on the surface. But we lead the world in
divorce, crime and immorality. We are too engrossed in self to ever have the
will to remain a superpower

We are a phony superpower waiting for disaster, if we don't
awaken...." (emphases added).

It is important to note also that now that the Euro has been
introduced as the currency of Europe, 300 million people are now under its power
and the American dollar is very quickly going to be taken from us, and we will
be left with a new superpower, which the Bible prophecy makes very clear, will
ultimately be controlled by one man called Anti-Christ.

There is no doubt we have arrived at that point in history
and therefore those who are interested in prophecy should prepare themselves for
the coming again of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the book of Daniel 2:44, we read, "And in the days of
these kings (Common Market) shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which
shall never be destroyed...".

To whose kingdom do you belong?