Bush takes on emergency powers

Bush takes on emergency powers

Bush takes on emergency powers

George W Bush
George W Bush

The Weekend Herald, 29 -– 30 December 2001,
headlined: "Time for America to grasp the world....

Shimon Peres...reflecting on the events of September 11, the
Israeli Foreign Minister told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York:

'You have world dangers without a world army. So America,
in my judgement, is going to organise the world. You don't have a choice: it
is death and life. It cannot be postponed. It cannot be ignored. It cannot be
handled partially.'....

That's a mistake. Armies alone will not keep America secure
in an insecure world. It will also need a broader understanding of how its
policies affect other nations. The realpolitik of this new world order
will demand nothing less.

America's future relationship with the world,...will depend
on whether 'it can be cajoled into taking a real international view, one that
may not be the most convenient for it.'...

'The rest of the world will be watching.'

A world whose post-September 11 sympathy for the United
States is already waning....

Critics, usually cautious, decried secret military tribunals
and racial profiling of Arab-Americans by police and intelligence services, as
well as authorities' widely expanded powers to spy on US citizens....

In the coming year there will be many opportunities for the
White House to craft a new world order and show that the United States is
a determined, yet humble, world leader.

A few of these are:

  • Iraq: As Washington turns its attention to the next fronts
    in the war on terror, it should consult Western Europe and Russia. Middle East
    allies are increasingly showing their private support for an attack on Iraq.
    But Moscow and Paris, with their billion-dollar business interests in the
    country, have to be brought on board....
  • Mideast peace process: While Washington once discouraged
    European interference in the diplomacy of the region, the Americans should
    enlist the Europeans in any attempts to defuse the escalating crisis between
    Israel and the Palestinians....
    By sharing the responsibility, America will spread the
  • Public diplomacy: America has something to sell -– and it's
    more than burgers and movies. 'America elects conservative presidents who
    stand for family values, something dear to Muslims,' says Husain Haqqani, a
    PR executive and adviser to two Pakistani prime ministers.

'And yet Muslims view the US through the Hollywood-made
prism showing it as a promiscuous, decadent, libertine society -– which it isn't.'
(Oh yeah?)....

America must be seen as committed to engaging the world,
but not bent on dominating it
. American resistance to everything from Kyoto
to an International Criminal Court should be re-examined and, at the least,
alternative multilateral agreements proposed.

That will not be easy...." (emphases added).

In the light of these opinions, we turn to the NZ Herald,
23 November 2001, where we read:

"Imperial authority revived...- The imperial presidency is
back in Washington as the man who ran for the White House against the powers of
centralised government assumes wider controls in his campaign against terrorism.

With virtually no complaint from Congress, President
George Bush has taken new emergency powers

In justifying stringent new powers to detain aliens and put
them on trial in secret, Bush has compared his position to that of Franklin D.
Roosevelt in meeting the Nazi and Japanese threats 60 years ago....

Bush has signed an order giving him powers to determine that
foreign terrorism suspects be tried and executed in secret by military
tribunals, even if a third of the officers present doubt the defendants'

Arab-Americans in the Detroit area are growing incensed by
the use of overt 'racial profiling' in a sweep to interview 5000
people of Arab descent....

One irony of the new security regime is that the FBI and CIA,
the two agencies that so badly let Americans down by failing to foresee the
September 11 atrocities, have been rewarded with a vast expansion of their

Bush seems to have calculated that he can afford to ignore
the protests in the press and from civil liberties groups...." (emphases

As we have said before, so we say again, that what George
Bush Snr started in the year 1990, his son George W. Bush is expected to
continue in the year 2002 and beyond.

It is of significance that American troops are being sent as
peace keepers to many different parts of the world and in early March 2002, we
see suggestions that they be sent to an ex-USSR state called Georgia, to act as
peace keepers. The aim of the exercise is very simple really, to those of us who
study the subject, and that is that American troops must be sent worldwide so
that at a certain time appointed, the United Nations troops, which are being
trained in such towns as Alamogordo, New Mexico and other parts of the States,
may be set loose to capture patriots and Christians and imprison them. The
reason for this being that to allow them freedom would allow strong opposition
to the new world order.

This statement of course makes people cry out paranoia and
delusion, but time will tell and therefore we ask that readers tuck this little
bit of information in the back of their minds and get on with the job of serving
our Lord Jesus Christ.