Fight for peace

Fight for peace

Fight for peace

There is no doubt that the world has gone crazy, as every
newsreader knows, but we at this office believe that this following article has
got to take the cake. Taken from the Adelaide Advertiser, 23 May 2001, we
read: "...Two weeks after scrapping the nation's air defences and cutting
the navy, the New Zealand Government is to consider setting up a school to teach
soldiers how to make peace

A feasibility study on the proposal by the Green Party is to
be funded from the annual defence vote and announced in the Government Budget on
Thursday." (emphasis added).

Can't you just see it? Lines and lines of men and women
dressed in army fatigues running towards a battalion of tanks coming in their
direction, shouting, 'Peace, brother. Peace, brother,' and raising their
fingers in the air in the peace salute.

There are many different concepts of peace. For example, when
a communist speaks peace, he puts a peaceful bullet in a peaceful gun and you
die a peaceful death, but those of us who belong to our Lord Jesus Christ have
experienced a real peace deep within our spirits, to which nothing else can

We read in Isaiah 57:21: "There is no peace, saith
my God, to the wicked."

It was Jesus who said, "My peace I give unto you, not as
the world give I unto you."

When a person is born-again of the Spirit of God, the blood
of Jesus Christ cleanses away all sin and leaves us in the sight of God as if we
had never sinned.

Thus the conscience is cleared and this makes way for a
beautiful life in communion with Almighty God, with whom we will live one day
forever and ever, in the place that He has created for us.

We recommend to all readers that you seek this peace and when
you find it, hang on to it and guard it with your life, because this peace that
Jesus gives will carry you through not only this life, but the one which is to