New York to sell bridges?

New York to sell bridges?

New York to sell bridges?

Readers of our newspaper will be aware of this fact, that we
have spoken of a worldwide monetary collapse, which will take place shortly as a
necessary precursor to the setting up of a one world government.

The Japanese economy at this moment of writing is near
bankruptcy, the American government is rapidly going down, and they speak of a
recession which will very rapidly lead to a depression and then a monetary
collapse. Countries such as Argentina who have defaulted on their loans will no
doubt set up what is known as a domino effect worldwide, through investor lack
of confidence.

We now pass on to you, for your interest, an article from the
Dominion newspaper, 27 February 2002: "New York mayor wants to sell
bridges...New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to sell the historic Brooklyn

In fact, he wants to sell three other bridges in America's
biggest city -– anything to raise cash in a city reeling from the economic
effects of the September 11 terrorist attacks coupled with the first United
States recession in 10 years

Mr Bloomberg, elected mayor last year just weeks after the
destruction of the World Trade Center, inherited a nearly US$5 billion (NZ$12
billion) hole in his US$40 billion spending plan, which an official in his
administration said could be partly filled through the sale of the bridges.

'The proposals (to sell the bridges) are under
consideration,' a spokesman for Mr Bloomberg, Jordan Barowitz, said yesterday.
He would not elaborate (of course he won't, it's too embarassing).

Selling the bridges is likely to generate as much opposition
from elected officials in Brooklyn and Queens as the mayor's budget proposal
two weeks ago to charge tolls on the bridges, which are free.

The Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the Williamsburg
Bridge and the Queensboro Bridge all span the East River and connect the
boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens to Manhattan. The toll plan could raise up to
US$800 million a year by 2006

New York City's tax collections took a big hit after the
September 11 attacks, at a time when the US economy was slowing after a
record 10 years of economic growth.

The air attacks not only killed nearly 3000 people but
also led to 110,000 job losses and forced thousands of businesses to close
(emphases added).

Business confidence and investor confidence is the key to a
booming stock market but unfortunately investors are beginning to smell a rat
and are pulling out of their investments, which will set off very shortly, a
worldwide monetary collapse.

There is no doubt that God is good and that the only way to
reach people is to take away their security, then let it be and may many turn to
Christ as a result of these stupendous things taking place on the earth.