Passport to Big Brother

Passport to Big Brother

Passport to Big Brother

We at this office receive articles and information day by
day, from many parts of the world. As we move on towards the mark of the beast
system, we were delighted with this latest piece of information to be taken from
the Adelaide Advertiser, 18 February 2002, entitled: "Stamping a
passport for Big Brother -– the British Labor Government is planning to issue
technologically-advanced plastic national identification cards to every adult.
The card will act as a passport, driving licence and bank card
and contain personal information including a photograph and the fingerprints
of the card holder
. The British Home Secretary David Blunkett, said there
would not be compulsion for people to carry their cards but he added: 'With
many uses, it will effectively become compulsory

So another government becomes power-crazy. The ID card is an
abuse of government responsibility. It is a repulsive intrusion into personal

An identification with the spread of information proposed in
Britain would mean anyone with access to the appropriate computer network would
be able to find out the most intimate details of card holders.

The British Government is playing down the intrusive
potential of the identification card using sugary phrases like: 'The card
has many uses and will become a truly flexible friend
.' (Ha ha! Who needs
a friend like this, that would ultimately lead people to the guillotine)....

The British card will have an enormous range of uses. It will
duplicate or replace credit cards, it will be a driving licence, a
passport for international travel and a telephone card.

Microchips impregnated in the card will include a digital
of the owner, a set of fingerprints and a mass of
information such as address, date of birth, family members
and national insurance number. The card will probably contain the holder's
entitlements to healthcare, education, welfare benefits and
any criminal record. It will list services like libraries, club
as well as up-to-date banking and financial details,
including credit ratings....

There's no doubt that card will be linked to spy
which will be able to pin-point the location of individual cards,
and by definition, their owners. One report says: 'The cards may even carry
tiny ID chips with details of the holder's eyes so they can't be used
on the black market.'...

...police cars would have computers which could provide
instant details from the ID card of a crime suspect....

No computer yet developed has sufficient security to prevent
experienced hackers breaking in and extracting personal and financial details....

This proposal is the new century version of Big Brother.
It is proposed in Britain not because it is necessary but because it is
possible. It is a weapon of government control, a further reduction of personal
liberty...." (emphases added).

Welcome to the world of the mark of the beast which is
surreptitiously coming upon us.

We who are Bible readers understand that from Revelation 13:16-18
, this information will ultimately go onto a silicon chip which
will be planted in the forehead or the right hand. Our advice, refuse the mark
but receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour and enjoy fellowship with God in these
most exciting days.