Bush government eyeballs Iraq

Bush government eyeballs Iraq

Bush government eyeballs Iraq

To any reader who criticises the information found in this
newspaper, we recommend a careful viewing of a video called, The Skulls,
which on its initial credits tells us that three American presidents have
belonged to that society.

On the walls of this fraternity which comes out of Yale
University, we see in giant letters, the word WAR and elsewhere a swastika,
which would normally be associated with Hitler and the Nazis.

It is of significance that both President George W. Bush, his
father and grandfather before him, belonged to this society which sets the rules
and the president becomes simply a mouthpiece for their aims and desires.

These world government planners connected with many other
groups, called by George Bush Snr, "a thousand points of light,"
insist on wars being continually fought as it leaves people in a state of
uncertainty and insecurity.

They follow the philosophies of one George Hegel from
Germany, who said there can be no change in history without a conflict,
and thus wars are an integral part of setting up their so-called New World Order
or one world government.

It needs to be recognised also that when George W. Bush makes
a speech, it is not really him speaking but his speech writer who has been given
the material by other members of the order who are setting the agenda for this
world government.

Just as his father before him used the words glibly, "a
thousand points of light"
, so George W. Bush has glibly used recently the
phrase, "the axis of evil". It is very doubtful as to whether he
really understood what he was saying, but those of us who are in the know
understand that it is this continual turmoil that sets the stage for a complete
takeover by a satanic global elite, who will control our lives from the cradle
to the grave.

We quote now from an article sent to us November 28,2001:

"Israel preparing for second war-front in Iraq.

Like the handwriting-on-the-wall in ancient Babylon, the
second phase of the US-led war on terrorism appears destined to soon set its
sights on modern-day Iraq and dictator Saddam Hussein, a scenario that already
has Israeli leaders plotting their response if the scuds start flying again...

Bush also called on Saddam to allow weapons inspectors into
Iraq 'to prove to the world he's not developing weapons of mass destruction.'
Asked what the US would do if Saddam did not allow the inspectors back in, Bush
said: 'He'll find out.'...

'Beyond al-Qaida, the most serious concern is Iraq. Iraq's
biological weapons program remains a serious threat to international security.'...

Though Saddam highly praised the September 11 attacks, Iraq
has denied any involvement in them or the unresolved cases of mail tainted with
anthrax spores. Iraq also rejected on Tuesday Bush's call to allow the return
of UN weapons inspectors...

Meantime, Saddam is getting cover from the 22-member Arab
League, which continues to register its firm opposition to an attack on any Arab
country...Arabs would not stand for any attack on Iraq as an extension of the US
'war on terrorism'...

Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk Sharaa added this week that
'any threat against any Arab country is rejected and any strike against any
Arab country would lead to unlimited problems; the US knows this and Europe
does too
.' He said it would be a 'fatal mistake to harm any Arab
..." (emphases added).

Now it is very clear the world events are being organised by
this power elite, that we have alluded to, and they are continuing to set the
stage for a combined Russian and Muslim attack on Israel, which would lead of
course, to the stepping in of Almighty God and thus the prophecies from Ezekiel
chapters 38 and 39 could very soon be fulfilled in this our day.

We will write further on this in future issues of the Omega
, but in the mean time, watch and prepare for a big conflict in that
area of the world.

With Japan collapsing economically and Americans cutting the
interest rates over 11 times last year in the year 2001, they will not be able
to support Israel anymore, and that country will be left in the hands of
Almighty God who promises to stand up for them and show the world that He indeed
is still alive and well, and acting on behalf of His ancient people.

Ultimately, therefore, it will come down to a showdown
between Yahweh and Allah. Watch and see who will win!!