Hillary for President?

Hillary for President?

Hillary for President?

William Branham
William Branham

Way back in 1933 a man of God called William Branham, who at
that time was in his prime, was given by the Lord seven visions for the end

  1. The vision was that Mussolini would invade Ethiopia and
    that nation would fall at his steps. It also said that he would come to a
    horrible end with his own people turning on him.
  2. An Austrian by the name of Adolf Hitler would rise up as
    the dictator over Germany and it showed that Hitler would come to a mysterious
  3. In the realm of world politics there would be three great
    isms i.e. fascism, Nazism, communism, but the first two would be swallowed up
    into the third. A voice admonished, "watch Russia, watch Russia, keep and
    eye on the King of the North"
  4. There would be great advances in science leading on to the
    building of a plastic bubble top car running down highways under remote
    control, with people seated without a steering wheel, playing some sort of a
    game to amuse themselves.
  5. Had to do with the moral problem of our age centering
    mostly around women. They went into a state of undress and in some cases,
    adopted men's clothing until the last picture I saw was a woman naked except
    for a little fig-leaf-type apron. This would lead on to terrible perversion
    and moral plight of the whole world.
  6. There rose up in America a most beautiful but cruel woman.
    She held the people in her complete power. I knew it could possibly be a
    vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by
  7. At last the seven vision was a terrible explosion. I turned
    and looked and saw nothing but debris, craters and smoke all over the land of

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

A recent prophetic writer from the States has made the
statement that Hillary Clinton has been chosen to be the President of the United

In an article sent to me, from the NZ Woman's Weekly,
18 February 2002, the headline reads:

"Hillary for President.

She stood by her man, now Hillary Clinton stands tall on her
own in the US Senate..."

And then from an article received through the Internet, we
quote in part:

"During the year 2002, New York Senator Hillary Clinton
sounded more like a Zionist in her two-day visit to (that country) ... and less
like Hillary who once called for a Palestinian state...

One Israeli newspaper said Clinton was 'sounding more like
an Israeli than an American politician.' She criticized Arafat for inciting
hatred of Jews and Israel and for being 'unwilling and unable to be a peace

It is important of course, being the Senator for New York
that she stands very strongly on the side of Israel if she hopes to get their

The Christchurch Press, 26 February 2002, shows:
"...Clinton firmly in Israel camp; blames Arafat for violence...

United States Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton drank coffee
yesterday at a pizzeria destroyed by the blast of a suicide bomber and rebuilt
weeks later, and she blamed Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for the region's

On a two-day solidarity visit to Israel, the Democratic
senator from New York, praised Israelis for going about their lives despite
nearly 17 months of bloody conflict. She said their resolve was a valuable
lesson for Americans following the September 11 terror attacks...

'Wherever terrorism strikes, that's ground zero,' she
said, referring to the name of the site of the World Trade Centre, toppled on
September 11..."

The interesting point was not so much the article but the
photograph which went with it, showing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon clearly
almost deleted from the picture by some clever artwork and Hillary looking
straight ahead and obviously done up for the occasion to hold the attention of
the viewer. Our source in America makes it clear that her photograph will be on
many women's magazines in the future as the media promote her as they did
Princess Diana for many many years.

It is well known that the media either wins or loses votes
for politicians.

In these days where discipline is broken down in family life
and children are ruling the roost in many cases, an interesting verse in Isaiah 3:12
may well prove to be prophetic:

"As for my people, children are their
oppressors, and women rule over them
. O my people, they which lead thee
cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." (emphasis added).

A careful reading of the Scriptures points out that God made
it clear that men should control matters in most cases, and the women were made
to be their helpers as both men and women have different qualities or attributes
which make them suitable to fulfil these tasks.

From time to time, however, wisdom tells us that when men do
not do the job, women are raised up as has also happened in the history
of Israel where great prophetesses have spoken to the people as the mouthpiece
of God.

Prophetically speaking, we know that Branham was correct with
prophecy number seven, as the destruction of America has already started on
September 11, through the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York.

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