The Poms and the Euro

The Poms and the Euro

The Poms and the Euro

Tony Blair of Great Britain has made it clear that it is his
desire to join the euro as soon as possible, as if he doesn't, he and his
country will be left in the outer tier of the two-tier community.

Students of Bible history must take note that in the
prophecies we read of ten horns, ten toes, ten kings and ten crowns. These ten
of course, refer to the inner tier policy making and monetary controlling
division of the European Union.

It won't be easy, however, to take Britain from pound
sterling into the euro, as we read in the Christchurch Press, 7 January

"...Most Britons want to keep the pound, surveys held just
after the launch of the euro currency show...

Only 31 per cent would vote to scrap the sterling, compared
with 56 per cent who would vote against joining the euro. Twelve per cent have
no opinion...

Prime Minister Tony Blair's government has said it will
only join when important economic factors are favourable, and if the
electorate approves it in a referendum

We know this sounds good as every politician wishes not only
to get into power but to stay in power, and will say anything to maintain that

In the field of politics, however, we find there is a lot of
under-the-table carry on, as took place in Yugoslavia with Slobodan Milosevic
and in America as George Bush and their friends fiddled the polls to make sure
that they got the job. Doubters of this statement should get on the Internet and
search for a book called, Vote Scam, which will reveal exactly how this
is done and how the world government people keep their front men in power to
fulfil their wills.

For instance, in our book, Warning, with the Stop
Press written on November 16, 1980, we wrote: "And Reagan was listed in Webster's
, as the 40th president of the US even before the
elections were held (page 169). We now turn to The Weekly Telegraph,
February/March 2002, and read the headline: "Britain 'could have euro in 3

Britain could vote to scrap the pound next spring and the
euro could be in use less than two years later under an accelerated timetable
set out by the Minister for Europe last week

Mr Hain, considered at Westminster to have tacit permission
from Tony Blair to 'talk up' the euro, speculated that the whole process -–
from Cabinet decision to referendum -– could be completed in six months...

Downing Street is looking for ways...for a 'dash for the

Mr Hain was appointed as Mr Blair's representative...despite
a reputation for plain speaking that included describing Britain's railways as
'the worst in Europe'.

He accused opponents of the single currency of being
anti-Europe and said it would be a 'blunder' and a 'tragedy' if Britain
was the only country in an enlarged European Union outside the euro zone..."
(emphases added).

An interesting Scripture in the book of Revelation 17:13&17 tell
us that: "These shall have one mind, and shall give their power and strength
unto the beast."

Verse 17: "For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and
to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be

In the year 2002, the common currency that bound them
together was the euro which affects over 300 million people and therefore, for
Britain to stay outside of that grouping would be foolishness in the extreme.

Therefore for the first time since the Roman Empire, we see
all these nations tied together and there are still 13 others applying to get
in. Watch carefully as God's Word is fulfilled before our eyes.