Carbon tax

Carbon tax

Carbon tax

Have you ever wondered why the US rejects the linkup with
Kyoto agreement? The reason is that they know it is a scam.

We turn to the New Zealand Herald on 20 December 2000
and read: "The United States has rejected an invitation to reopen climate
talks with the European Union, killing the latest effort to forge an
international strategy on global warming."

To verify the fact that this is a global scam we recommend a
careful reading from page 185 in our book, Better Than Nostradamus, under
the heading 'The Report From Iron Mountain', you will see that once wars are
brought to an end through the substitution of global armies - like a world
government army, they decided that the best method they could employ to unite
people of the world with a common objective was the environmental movement.

In the words of an authority on global matters, Mr. Harry
Alcock told us in his book that, "The earth is a self programming unit
which has the power within itself to handle both heat and cold as it has done
for centuries."

We read in the New Zealand Dominion Newspaper on 23
March 2002 'Places for islanders no 'refugee' scheme' - Immigration
Minister Lianne Dalziel warned yesterday that an international response to
people displaced by rising seas would be required if the world did not cut back
greenhouse gas emissions and the pace of global warming.

Asked if New Zealand expected to have to make room for people
forced off low-laying atolls in the Pacific, Ms Dalziel said that would be an
international problem...

The issue of environmental refugees arose as Pacific
countries said they were more concerned about the impact of global warming on
their islands and people."

And now a spanner in the works for all global warming
enthusiasts, an article from Reuters news service on 17 January 2002, "Antarctic
may have stopped shrinking -
It may be dropping huge chunks of iceberg that
drift hundreds of kilometres while they slowly melt, but the West Antarctic Ice
Sheet just may have stopped melting, scientists say...

...the team at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the
California Institute of Technology say their measurements show the ice sheet is
getting thicker. "We find strong evidence for ice-sheet growth," Ian
Joughlin and Slawek Tulaczyk wrote in their report...

The sheet has enough ice to raise global sea levels by 1.5 to
5.5m if it all melted. Earlier predictions had said that it could melt in 4000

(Authors Note -– Please notice could)

But experts have been saying there is little evidence that
global warming is responsible for melting the ice sheet -– they say currents
and the way water washes underneath the floating portion seems to have more of
an effect...

While previous measurements had suggested ice was being
steadily lost, they found that in fact there was slightly more ice in the areas
feeding the streams than before. Overall there are 26.42 billion tons more
ice each year, they said -– not the loss of nearly 21 billion tons a year that
other studies showed..."

Now we read another headline taken from AFP Worldwide
on 15 January 2002: "Frozen Continent Getting Colder - Parts of Antarctica
have cooled sharply in recent years, a finding which counters doomsday
perceptions that the frozen continent faces imminent meltdown from global
warming, a recent study says.

Measurements taken by weather stations in the McMurdo Dry
Valleys, the largest ice-free area in Antarctica, show that this region cooled
by 0.7C each decade between 1986 and 2000, it said.

The cooling was especially strong during the autumn and
summer seasons, and had a destructive effect on the fragile local ecosystem, it

The image of a cooler Antarctica contrasts with the popular
fear that the continent's icecap faces imminent destruction from manmade
climate change."

We recognize of course, that all of this is part of a 'red
herring' plan to create problems that do not exist. Mankind generally will
unite in an effort to overcome these problems. We feel that John 8:44 is
relevant at this time, where we read the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: "Ye
are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a
murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no
truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar,
and the father of it."

We believers in our Lord Jesus Christ rejoice in that Jesus
is the way, the truth, and the life.