Darwin versus I.D.

Darwin versus I.D.

Darwin versus I.D.

For some years this author has struggled, trying to work out
why apparently intelligent people seemed to lack enough intelligence to
understand that evolution is complete nonsense from start to finish.

Travelling on a bus through the Middle East one day a doctor
walked up the isle and as he passed me mentioned that the human body proved that
evolution was a lie. When I asked him why this was, he answered, "The whole
body had to be created at once, as you couldn't exist without certain organs
such as the liver or kidneys while you waited for them to be developed at a
later time in your history."

However, there are those who persist in their beliefs and
therefore we read with interest from the Time Magazine, 11 March 2002,
"Darwinian Struggle - Poor Charles Darwin. He was a kind, gentle soul -–
decent to a fault, some have said - yet he keeps getting cast as the Antichrist...

The latest equation of Darwinism with godlessness comes in
Ohio, where some members of the state school board want to downgrade the theory
of natural selection in the biology curriculum guidelines. If their effort
succeeds, Darwin's theory would have to share the blackboard with a school of
thought called "intelligent design theory." Boosters of intelligent design
-– ID, for short -– hope this triumph would be the first step toward
restoring a spiritual dimension to our understanding of our creation.

Critics of ID, which has been billed in the press as new and
sophisticated, say it's just creationism in disguise. If so, it's a good
disguise. Creationists believe that God made current life-forms from scratch.
The ID movement takes no position on how life got here, and many adherents
believe in evolution. Some even grant a role to the evolutionary engine posited
by Darwin: natural selection.

They just deny that natural selection alone could have driven
life all the way from pond scum to us.

Why doubt natural selection? Here is where the ID movement
says basically what creationists have been saying all along: Some living forms
are too intricately functional to have been produced by the accretion of
randomly generated novelty. Sure, you can imagine giraffes' necks having once
been half their current length and slowly growing by natural selection. But what
about giraffes' eyes? What good -– as creationists have long asked -– is
half an eye?...

One key to the movement's success has been the decision to
take no position on how species originated. This made ID a tent big enough to
hold everything from old-fashioned creationists to New Agers who believe a "vital
force" drives evolution. But one result is that ID simply isn't what its
Ohio supporters called it -– an "alternative" to Darwinism. Darwinism
offers an explanation of how we got here. Any "theory" that offers no such
explanation can't compete -– much less win...

No one knows how DNA began to replicate or how the universe
got built in such a way that replication was possible. It's not crazy to think
that such initial conditions were set by some intelligence for an overarching
purpose that is still unfolding..."

Of course there was an intelligence that put us together. His
name is GOD and without Him there is not anything made that was made.

We read that splendid verse in John 1:1-4: "In the
beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was
God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him;
and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the
life was the light of men."

Anything else becomes an absolute nonsense and how sad it is
to watch millions who have been taught the ridiculous satanic lie that this
great world of creation formed itself without a design or a purpose.

We say "Praise God" for the Lord our God the Almighty